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Learn AWS with POCs easily to prove in interviews ?


!!For Working IT Infra Professionals only!! For learning AWS.

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Come to a call to know our new scheme “Pay As You Learn”, monthly basis. The total AWS Course it takes around 5 months as part time basis with weekly one on one class hours with POCs to learn AWS through some chapters.
Please note each of our catching capability varies. This effort need to be understood by the individuals before talking on your interest/effort/affordability.
This is similar to a performance activity how the RM measures to each of us in a project.
Please note each aspired Cloud architect need to spend 200+ hrs before starting their role.
Hence in one month or few hours if somebody says you will be come a Solution Architect, they are bluffing you.
You need to learn and do practice on AWS services extensively like an implementable solution. This way our course builds you into new technology era.

Many companies they do skill test by giving a scenario to develop through AWS Console or CLI. This way they can filter your profile to find its authenticity “actual” or “fake”. You all know in the global IT Market lot of fake profiles are floating around. So the recruiters are finding challenges to filter them. By attending skill test you will be proved you are the original professional infront of the fake profiles.

But if you want to learn this new technology, you were not habituated   like developers [as they keep updating their knowledge, for their bread and butter by spending weekly some hours] to accelerate the skills in new technology implementation. 

So, what you need to do ?

You need an individual coaching to speed up this learning activity.

It should not be in group or online training!! 

Read the below contents from the picture for details, what way I can help/support you.

You can choose the course ‘A’ or ‘B’. Then if you want to have POCs development knowledge, after completion of “B”, you can join.

In the Bottom the Courses TOC discussion videos are given for your perusal.

For Freshers “Course-A” is suitable.


We have a “Pay As You Learn” [monthly] Option for working IT Professionals.


The Course details for “A”:


The Course details for “B”:


You can Contact for AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional Exam coaching also.


You can learn how the IT Cos are not bearing the non-billable resources for their cost cutting:

See the below content for my course offering details:

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What is Cloud Computing – concepts ?



For the answers visit the below video:





15. AWS: What is SQS – A discussion video with live app scenarios ?


If you are a technical designer for any Infra design or software architecture, you should  know the “Simple Ques Service” from AWS. Provided, you are working in that Cloud environment. The attached video had the  discussion on this topic with some live scenarios comparison. You will get to know implementation scenarios also.

If you are interested in session management look into this:







14. AWS: What is session management in ELB ?

AWS-Session management-AD-FS

If you are a technical designer for any Infra design or software architecture, you should be knowing the “Session management”.

There are 2 categories of sessions we can identify with AWS migration;

A. Application level session management

B. Load balancing session management.

This blog/video attached talks about the above.

Through this Video you can learn the following:

1. How Active Directory [AD] File server [FS] can be connected to AWS ?
2. How NAT Gateways can be connected to AD FS ?

Very important and Critical topic is: Session management. It covers…
3. What is Session management ?
4. How ELB can be utilized to create session management tasks in AWS ?
5. What are the application level session management ?
6. What are sticky sessions ?
7. How to use sticky sessions in AWS ?

You can watch all these in a class video which is attached to this blog.






13. AWS:How to take Snapshot and copy to another EC2?



Let us think in traditional approach first.

Let us take a scenario of files copy from one machine to another machine.

You need to do the following:

  1. We need to copy the files into a pen drive or HDD or Copy them into a shared network drive.
  2. If you copy them into HDD or Pen drive, you need to connect to other machine to copy them into 2nd machine.

Now in Cloud using AWS; to know ” how we can do this activity ” we can see from the below steps:

  1. You need to have one EC2. [in this example, I have created one EC2 Windows server. Then attached one EBS Volume [which is equivalent of HDD or a Pen drive].
  2. I made this EBS Volume as an HDD to this server.
  3. Then I created some .txt files to take backup of these files.
  4. Then I have created the backup of these files using AWS Snapshot process.
  5. And attached this Snapshot to another 2ndEBS Volume.
  6. I have created 2ndEC2 with the same configuration.
  7. And attached the 2nd  EBS .
  8. Then I released it as HDD.
  9. Finally, those two text files can be seen in this 2nd   EC2.

These detailed steps were drawn in the attached video with “AWS live exercise class lesson of 1.45 mts. duration”.

The similar exercises were given during the Cloud Engineer interviews. So if you are appearing for the interview this might be useful one.

If you have patience and time, you can watch it in the below link. And practice it for your interviews.

Good luck in your AWS practice.









How best you can utilize Cloud Architect role as an efficient IT Management practitioner ?


What are the Skills required for a Cloud Architect ?
How best you can utilize this role as efficient IT Management practitioner ?
Many organizations use the role of Cloud Architect for DevOps Practices also in small to mid size IT Organizations or departments.
But in reality if the organizations want to implement effectively and efficiently the Cloud migrations, they need to dedicate the Cloud Architect role as per the standards.
You can also watch the below video to know what kind of activities and planning need to be done for Cloud initiation. This was published by me on May 21, 2014.
For relevant Blog visit:

You can also see:

What is the need of upgrading cloud skills for a PM role ?

In 2017, Gartner published on Cloud Architect role with many activities along with the required skills. We may not be able to use the entire activities related to this role. But there are some mandated activities we can use them in regular business.
I have extracted some of the important points where in the current trend the IT Management practitioners can utilize them and see the differentiation from your past executions on this role. A discussion video is attached below for your perusal.
Finally, I would say you are mandated to separate this role from DevOps Activities assigning and dedicate the role for;
  • Cloud Infrastructure Planning,
  • Designing,
  • Building and
  • implementing effectively for business needs 
So many burning issues related to DevOps and Cloud can be separated and resolved faster to move forward. This way many risks can be reduced!!
If you are an IT management practitioner; and would like to get any clarifications to implement these practices you are advised to contact me on FB and have a call.

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How to create AWS S3 Bucket

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