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Simple EC2 exercises[from blogs] – AWS free account?

If you are a new learner of AWS, you can practice the simple EC2 exercises.

The below video has them from  this blog site [with some tools installations] given for linux OS.


This video has a demo on “How to troubleshoot AWS EC2-Apache setup”. If you are new for this activity, you can watch this 1 hr video.


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AWS: What is infra scaling and how Autoscale works in AWS ?


What is infra scaling and how Autoscale works in AWS ?

In any traditional infrastructure, we can see scaling up and down the network or servers can be done through tools or manually.

In Cloud service we can do these activities using a Cloud service.

If we consider the AWS services, Autoscale is the service to monitor and add the needed VMs or delete the unused instances from the network [VPC/Subnet].

The attached video has the class discussion on this topic.







How can you start your 2nd innings with Cloud job market ?

If you are from Legacy infra background and legacy infra projects are getting nullified from your IT services company.

Please note; the Technology trending brings out always to flush out the legacy practices.

And you might have been warned by your employer/client  to look for another job in the current job market with a caution of pink slip!!

  1. Can you get the job with legacy infra practices/experience, when all the IT infra setup is getting moved into Cloud to save the cost ?

  2. Do you think the recruiting teams are going to consider your legacy resume ?

  3. What are you going to do ?

  4. How to become competent learner ?

  5. How to avoid your life threating stress ?

  6. How to cope up with fast learning skills ?

  7. How to plan to focus and beat the current job market without wasting your time?

  8. How to save your time and continue to get the payslip with another employer ?

You might feel its a million dollar question  at this time.

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Please watch the below 10 mts video to get relief on your stress.

I have given the similar advise to Storage engineers to utilize effectively their time in their 2nd innings.

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What will be the IT storage cost savings through Cloud conversion?

How can you plan and move to Cloud storage ?

  • In global IT field, there are numerous Storage companies and having Billion Dollar Business years together.

  • There are lacks of Storage engineers  working for these companies globally.

  • There are millions of customers still using these services without moving into Cloud.

  • If they move into Cloud the following savings can occur.

But, what will be the future of  Storage Engineer ?

How to safeguard their job in IT industry ?

What skills they need to learn on war footing base ?

You can see the below image with estimation/guidelines:

Storage-conversion-Cloud-Cost Savings-1.png

The same blog contents were discussed in a 10 mts video:

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What will be the size of Cloud market in IT by 2022 ?


How will be the Job Market for Cloud?
You need to read this news published by PTI, to assess the value of the Cloud Market:

The above news is for India only. Globally it should be more than 10 million people might be required.

I think by now you understand the value of learning Cloud computing.

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How to create AWS S3 Bucket


Why do you need to learn from Infra domain knowledge as certified Cloud Professional ?

Benefits of CloudWhy do you need to learn from Infra domain knowledge as certified Cloud Professional ?


In the current IT World Cloud computing became regular practice for any IT Professional. Any cloud services we use, we need to know the current/traditional infrastructure setup. But every IT professional may not have that background/knowledge to understand. Because in this industry each of us played  different roles.

The Infra activities handled IT Professional only will come to know this knowledge and will have experience. But the industry needs every IT employee need to know this knowledge apart from the Cloud service provider [Ex: AWS, Azure, GC, etc..] products operations. [Eventhough, if you are a certified Solutions architect with that Cloud service provider.]

Then only whoever the professionals are certified they will be able to use these products/services and implement them under cloud setup. Hence the Infra domain knowledge or experience is mandated for every IT professional who is working for Cloud services or in that infra setup. I have been hearing during Cloud professionals recruitment the interviewers are keeping some questions on this area also. If one understand the Network domain setup then only they will be able to design the Cloud architecture. Hence more employers are worried to have this domain knowledge with the Certified and recruited Cloud professionals.

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12. AWS-SAA: What are the S3 Bucket and Object operations – Practice


This is the discussion and screen operations practice video on How to apply S3-Bucket and objects operations?

It has the below options practice:

  1. How to create a Bucket with permissions to version?
  2. How to create a folder with or without version options and test the object share ?
  3. Create objects without and with version options ?
  4. How to share the objects on Internet with URL ?
  5. Testing different versions of the object upload and sharing them on internet.


You can also see the below video on S3 Patterns usage discussion:

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