The effective software test automation process

Test Automation - Process

During the DevOps practices, it is mandatory for the Developers, Test engineers and DevOps engineers to implement the test automation using the automation tools.

So every test engineer need to know the process related to the test automation. Through this blog I thought of sharing the process.

 I used this methodology during traditional project management and also during Agile project management. It was very successful and the relevant clients were astonished with these methods being followed by me and my teams by convincing them while using and implementing these practices. We also got very good CSAT ratings.

Please note you need to educate the client team in advance on your process steps by mapping them to your environment. Otherwise, they might feel it is a bookish knowledge you are trying to use it.  

During agile testing you can devise the test requirements into a Sprint planning and conduct the demos to the development team and the stakeholder teams also. If it is feasible for you, you can also try and let me know for a POC.  

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