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What are the skills required for a Cloud Architect ? [From Gartner report – 2017]


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It was from one of the working IT Professionals interview on my course. He has 9.5 yrs sysadmin experience. He answered the below questions:

1. What did you expect from my course before joining ?

2. How did you feel on the material ?

3. How did you feel on explanation ?

4. How did you feel on the chapter wise questions practice ?

5. Did you get any job experience feeling from my course ?

6. If your current company put you on AWS tasks also, what is your confidence level ?

7. Finally, what is your target for your exam prep ?

8. How are you going to RE-use material ?

9. How are you going to RE-use Lab sessions ?

In some of my Youtube videos you can find his attended sessions also!!

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Analyze AWS Solutions Architect – Associate Exam Guide series-1:
You can find the analysis through this discussion video with a Built Solutions Architect:



Another student discussion on “Course on AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional“, after attending AWS-SAA course.

Following are the samples of my previous classes with 10+ yrs experienced Sys-admin IT Professionals:












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How to plan on “moving your DB backups to AWS S3-Glacier [cold storage]” ?




Part time Freelance IT training sales and marketing experienced people are required



I am looking for part time Freelance IT training sales and marketing experienced people on commission based. Ping me on FB [https://www.facebook.com/shanthikumar.vemulapalli]with your details, we will chat offline to know your capabilities.


1. You need to consider for your marketing and sales “the AWS and DevOps certification courses [as per the AWS prescribed syllabus] ” to gather the international working IT professionals.

2. You will be provided the course samples from the past classes, past students feedback and the TOC details with course fee.

3. Your responsibility is to form a batch and run it for classes successfully.

4. Your commission will be paid as and when the installment is paid by the student. 

5. One of your critical responsibilities is; you need to make sure the student continue on the course till its end.

6. You need to keep marketing the courses and enroll the students.

7. There will be monthly 2-3 batches at different time intervals. So you don’t need to worry on your earnings. It should be more than the regular job as long you do your activity perfectly till end of the course.

Your eligibility:

  1. You should have done this kind of job for IT trainings marketing and sales atleast for last 4 years.
  2. You should have mobilized the batches for your past employers or clients.
  3. I am looking for the fair and honest guys.


I have been doing myself  the end to end process for AWS, DevOps and ISTQB coaching since years. The reason of opting for you is to have a dedicated role. The more you are active the senior IT professionals very attracted by my course. Unfortunately, due to lack of time to follow up with them, I lost many students. Hence I have made this role as mandated. If you have expertise in it, please contact me ASAP with your profile.

Please look for my details on my linkedin:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/vskumaritpractices/

Please connect me on linkedin before chatting on FB on my id: https://www.facebook.com/shanthikumar.vemulapalli

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Who are Stephanies and drug addicted in IT industry ?

Who are the IT Stephaines and who is IT Interview proxie/job support drug addict ?


Greetings! To the real IT Professionals. [Hope you are not using IT stephanie].

Read to this real IT industry pollution story!! to be aware of.

You also share to your managers if they are blind in recruiting the real professionals or if they are not able to audit the IT Consultants  work. Otherwise, there is a chance you will loose your job.

As you might be aware because of Cloud technology is getting implemented we may not require the current size of the IT employees. So many IT cos or organizations have their plans to serve pink slips globally to reduce the cost.

I am writing this message for self motivated guys to read this carefully to grow in IT Industry in right path for a strategic career plan and also to protect themselves from the IT Stephanies.

Have you heard of Scooter Stephanie ?

Similarly, I found there are many IT stephanies [proxie] running the IT show for many IT services clients globally since many years. You might know by now.

There are 100s of whatsapp groups are running with this business across globe to offer proxie interview and job support services. 1000s of guys are doing this job. Just join in these groups to understand their activities,

In few minutes of reading this blog you will come to know how these man eaters spoiling the real future of IT professionals in the market by making the freshers like Drug addict to the IT Stephanies.

There are 2 ways the wrong ways can happen in IT a) A non-IT person is keen in converting his profile into IT by faking completely into IT profile, there are many companies does this activity. b) A College fresher want to come to an IT Job with Nichie skill.

I would like to consider one scenario among the above, which is (b).

If you are a fresher or OPT/CPT in different countries, read this storey.

Who are your IT Stephanies ?:

How to catch the market or scale yourself in IT Cloud needs, in reality you need to learn it. If you have a right mentor/coacher you don’t need to depend on proxies and job support. With these scooter stephanies; you will be handicapped one day and your name is going to be banned from the IT Industry itself.

Are you aware your fake resume will be blocked by top companies how in India ?

There are norms fixed by NASSCOM India to be reported by the IT Cos on the fake profiles.

I have been watching this activity in many cos since early 2000. So once your great name is blacklisted, large cos don’t touch your profile as it was named as fake by your employer. But these are framed as very high confidential activities and no HR reveals you.

Who is killing your Career ?

So obviously, you are killing your career yourself when you come to Job market.

Who are the benefitors by ruining your career ?

The so called chasers for you “Body shoppers or IT consulting cos in different countries” and the proxies and job supporters!!

If you are lazy guy and do not have brain to catch, “Yes” you can play around with IT Industry for sometime in this way as long as there can be blind Client managers operate the IT show.

Do you know how much these group of Spehanies earn on your name with what efforts ?

Let us do some maths with assumptions.

Let us assume the Stephanies IT co, is fixed with client USD$60/hr for your services.

  1. If you are a OPT/CPT/Fresher the IT Cos spend monthly around USD$1,000 for 3-4 months with your accommodation, training and interviews cost. Please note by taking you into monthly stipend mode, they made your brain addicted for stephanie services. So now you became a stephanies drug addict.

  2. They make themselves talking to the client and fixing interviews. And during the telephonic interviews they made you to sit like a brain dead patient infront of the web camera one side and the other side to your laptop the Stephanie is going to talk to the client. You will play like a movies actor the lip movements!

  3. Once the Stephanie excellently convinced the client with his 1000s of interviews handled in this way, the blind client has been cheated exceptionally! And you will get the contract with USD$60/hr.

  4. Now, You IT Co will tell you to play infront of the client like a movies actor with the direction of Job Support Stephanie. So as long as you have stamina to act in this drug addicted mood you will be successful. But when client come to know your profile will be short listed into the black listed profiles. Depends on the country policies you resume will be highlighted into different national databases.So, you are blocked in the hit list by not recruiting you as IT Professionals.

  5. Now, let us calculate how much each of thee Stephanies got the money: Assume you worked for 3 months with these guys help/support the IT co earned weekly with 40 hrs billing [USD$60/hr] as USD$2,400. So per month, it is; USD$ 9,600. They pay to Job support Stephanie [either direct or through co.]: USD1,000. You will get USD$2,000/month for 6 months. After 6 months the IT Co will go and re-negotiate the rate to USD$100. Then might give 5-7% hike for you or fix an yearly pay with a long term contract.

  6. So, your fate is like IT Drug addicted guy. As long as the dumb client doesn’t catch you they will make you to act as actor infront of them. And the director will make this film as long as you don’t fail in it.

How easily you can learn now a days, instead of paying to Stephanies before coming out from a college to plan or save your IT Career ?

  1. If you are looking for Conversion into AWS Cloud Architect Job role, with your Sys/Network/Storage/DB admin role;or a fresher.

  2. Please look into this!! This is valuable and great opportunity for you!! to step down into it.

  3. There are many IT professionals globally converting through right mentorswith proper evaluation, from Traditional role into this role to catch up the global IT market demand!! to sustain in IT Payrolls…….!! and to beat the market in a right wayby not having Stephanies concept.

4.Please come back for a discussion, after all the below links/blogs/videos walk-through thoroughly.


If interested to convert, Please ping me on FB messenger by sharing your linkedin profile in advance to our chat/discussion. Even if you are a fresher you are most welcome to connect with me to discuss.

Good luck!! in your real IT ladder. Hope you will try to climb yourself not like a movies actor by supporters!


Please be aware; the Non-IT guy will have structured plan through their company by becoming subject expert than the really IT professionals. Their company can buy the HR/technical interviewers in a large corporate setup to push this guys into the payroll once they are SME. If you talk with him/her you will be shocked on the SME levels what they have. So no interviewer can find this profile is fake unless these guys reveal themselves in a coffee shop, etc. for their friends. So this is the global IT Drama one can learn to be aware of how the real IT guys are getting cheated by different ways!!

In my career, I have seen both of the above scenarios. But I used to screen them well and reject them by blasting the recruitment guys, when I was recruiting.

These are the samples only I have explained. There are many ways you are getting cheated, you need to be aware.

Note to Stephanies —->

I am trying to motivate the real hard working and ethical IT Professionals through this blog. But as long as your blind client managers are able to listen to you, you do not have  a problem or running your business by catching the drug addicts or lazy guys in the global market. But my real IT professionals also need to be aware of these cheating activities what you do in the industry, to safeguard themselves. They are loosing their jobs because of you guys polluted the industry globally.

The Industry needs them longer way to run the right or ethical shows not like you!! by polluting the IT environment.

If somebody is polluting the environment in each country they have laws to punish them. But what kind of punishment you should get for doing this cheating business in IT ?

Don’t you feel ashamed ?

Finally, with this High Tech cheating amount what are you going to get ? Is your family and kids will have right time in their life in a spiritual way speaking ?

You are more than a scammed political leader right?, in any country.

Note; As long as you and the blind client managers tie-up to pollute the  IT work environment; the real IT professionals need to safeguard their jobs by escalating to top management. Till that time good luck for you!


How safe you as A Cloud architect on the role ?



How safe you as A Cloud architect on the role ?

Why the Certified AWS-Solutions Architects are served Pinkslips ?
What could be the reasons ?
Do they understand the role clearly what the Client expects ?
Why the management is so aggressive to prove the Cloud implementation as per Schedule ?
Once the Cloud Migration Schedule is started why the IT Budget is freezed ?
Why do they attempt on Contractors as 1st instance to cut the staff ?
Please read the below content patiently and watch videos for solutions to protect your Cloud role. Please visit for my post on URL:


Also, Visit:



Do you want to know the size of the Cloud job market globally if yes, visit:


FYI: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/aws-jobs/

To know the real articulation of SA, Visit for my AWS SAA class video:




Student Feedback:







For course:

  1. This is for OPTs and the Indian colleges fresh graduates who came/passed out in 2019.

  2. who are self driven and try for jobs with the given skills learning without getting into somebody shoes, come and get trained.

  3. A new batch is planned in a cost effective way. Contact in the given FB links from the blog. Good luck in your job search and in IT profession.

Free-orientation-for Freshers-2019

Join in the below group to follow the above guidelines:


This group is meant only for freshers/OPTs coaching on the topics mentioned in the group Logo. You can forward to your circles who all came out from college for 2019. They need to provide evidences as they are from 2019 batch only. The FB ID need to have photo with profile details. With these specs only they are allowed in this group.

For course: This is for OPTs and the Indian college graduate who came/passed out in 2019. who are self driven and try for jobs with the given skills learning without getting into somebody shoes, come and get trained. A new batch is planned in a cost effective way. Contact in the given FB links from the blog. Good luck in your job search and in IT profession.


DevOps: What is the feedback analysis?

What is the feedback analysis? When it can be done?

As per the agile principles the stakeholder collaboration is an ongoing activity. At any time the stakeholder can give informal or formal feedback for any software items or in any approach followed by agile teams.

In agile model many times informal feedback can happen during the discussion. At the same time the scheduled reviews also can happen. During the review the feedback can be given by the reviewers.

Even a test result can come into a feedback category. All these feedback items need to be analyzed for delivering a working software by the teams as per the principles. 

Sometimes the feedback analysis outcome can come into process improvements areas for the next iteration and these should be considered for Retrospective items.

Hence the feedback analysis is a mandated activity at every task completion stage in  Agile project.


Do you want to know the difference between AWS Solution Architect Associate?

The DevOps Engineer Professional certification what Amazon conduct ?

Why do you need AWS Architect solutions experience to do this certification ?

Contact for AWS DevOps Engineer – Professional certification. Very few people globally covering the complete syllabus like I have explained from the AWS Exam guide. If interested please ping me in FB with your profile URL. Please note I coach only the global working IT Professionals. Hence Profile URL is mandated to know your background.

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Why DevOps and What are its phases and Activities ?

Why DevOps and What are its phases and Activities ?
From this Discussion video, you can learn the below items:
Before Devops:
1. What were the typical issues with IT operations ?
2. How was it; the performance of IT operations ?
3. What was the typical traditional IT operation with roles?
With DevOps:
4. Where it started the DevOps movement ?
5. Why the DevOps became part of Agile?
6. What are the Practices and Culture in DevOps ?
7. How the Agile SDLC with DevOps can be seen under its practices ?
8. How we can see; before DevOps and after DevOps the people and organizations ?
9. How the DevOps imporved the organization Culture ?
10. What are the business benefits with DevOps ?
11. What the industry reports say with DevOps movement ?
12. What are the phases of DevOps Loop ?
13. What are the activities of each DevOps phase ?
14. How the automated installations and deployments can be implemented with DevOps ?

Contact for AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional Exam coaching.

Visit the above page for some more DevOps videos.

To know the DevOps  Practices and Patterns in a discussion  I got the below video link:


Please note this is going to be methodical coaching with lot of process related scenarios for each sub-topics as per the AWS Certification course contents. Hence we have our USP to differentiate with many others on this coaching. We consider very limited/selective people. Hence sharing you linkedin profile is mandatory. You can connect me there.  Before coming please watch all the videos on this webpage and also on youtube channel [Shanthi Kumar V]. We take care of each IT working professional for their career growth well in this competent world to beat the fake profiles well during the job/client interviews. This is the unique services provided by us well in this IT training/coaching industry. We want the existing IT Professionals to continue their ladder climbing.


Ping me on FB  msg:


AWS-SAA-coaching for Test Analysts

In the below video I have explained on the activities and tasks of DevOps roles. I have explained in it why that task should be done by that role. How the Developers, Test engineers, DevOps Engineers, Users and Ops Engineers are connected to work together as a team, as per Agile manifesto. One can get clear idea on DevOps implementation. To automate these tasks DevOps tools are very much required. Hence now the DevOps market is running behind the tools.

Below image can denote the transition of IT development cycles till DevOps practice with continuous operation [automated]:


DevOps Movement

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Also, Look into some more FAQs: