DevOps: Advanced DevOps Practices/Processes-2 [DevSecOps]

In continuation of my previous blog on; DevOps:Advanced DevOps Practices/Processes-1:
Following are the some of the DevOps concepts, a Practitioner need to practice.

What is the goal of DevSecOps?

The goal of DevSecOps is to decrease time to market while cutting the costs of development and remediation, while improving overall application security.

How it can be performed ?:

If the appropriate, automated security vulnerability and configuration scanning tools are deployed, developers with varying skill sets and experience can find and fix security problems as they occur.

How to motivate developers?:

Teaching developers on secure coding practices is still essential,  as it is monitoring and protecting the production environment.

How to achieve it?:

By integrating automated application security testing as part of the moving into DevSecOps practices, teams can complete a DevOps security checking that addresses the challenges associated with developing secure applications in agile environments.

How to apply checkpoints?:

There are tools to verify the above checks.

I have discussed some of the relevant points on this subject in the below video session:

GCP- Associate Cloud Engineer Certification course

I am glad to announce Google Cloud Platform Associate Cloud Engineer Certification course. I have made a 5 minute short video on what the participant will be able to contribute after the course.
Many Clients are looking for Hybrid Cloud Engineers. If you have equipped with AWS skills, learning Google Cloud is easy.
Even the DevOps Engineers can attend this course for their Clusters deployment using Kubernetes on GCP.
Please ping me in FB for further details. Also we can have a call to discuss.

Visit the below video for GCP Overview:

AWS: Usage of CloudFormation Templates for IAC

Through this blog I would like to demonstrate on CloudFormation [CF] templates usage with the IAC.

I have observed in Cloud and DevOps teams, many of them are non-programming background. But when the Infra setup requirement comes into their task following questions will arise:

  1. How can they write the JSON/YAML/Go programming/script coding ?
  2. How can they understand the Cloud services and the domain setup knowledge ?
  3. What are the sequence of steps they need to follow, if they are being asked to setup the environments?
  4. How the VPCs need to be built ?
  5. How the Load Balancers need to be setup ?
  6. How the autoscaling and load balancing can be done in different locations to balance the traffic and maintain the infra setup consistency with low latency ?
  7. What are steps need to be followed to learn on the above process/procedures ?

AWS has given some of the infra setup the CloudFormation templates for us to try and test them. And later on to understand the Script/code of JSON/YAML to implement with any CM Tools.

Please note; every Cloud/DevOps/Test Engineer need to drive the infra setup tasks through IAC scripts only. For every infra setup tasks they should be able to step down to develop these IAC scripts by using different tools. In AWS, we can use CF, Terraform and Ansible very easily for the medium level config scripts building.

For a jumpstart of learning process, I have started building some videos on understanding the Infra scripts process through CF Templates with POCs/demos. Following links have these videos to watch and do self practice with CF.

Once you are perfect you can choose any of the Infra CM Tools to write scripts and run for automated infra setup.

How to Create a simple WordPress website with CloudFormation[CF] in AWS ? :
In this POC exercise, we are using the Readily available template from the CloudFormation[CF] stacks with detailed lab steps in the below attached Video. There are two categories of WP infra building CF Templates mentioned in the CF stacks. In this example initially, I have taken the simple setup without Load balancer and Autoscale setup. The specifications/guidelines are given clearly to follow through video.

How to create Lamp server setup in AWS by CF Template ?

You can also watch;

How to create simple EC2 creation using CF YAML Code ?

I hope you have seen my AWS Coaching specimen on the URL:

Let us also be aware: Due to lacks of certified professionals are available globally in the market on AWS, to differentiate them on their needs/selection, most of the clients are asking on the real experience gained or aware of IAC. They give a Console and ask you to setup a specific Infra setup in AWS.

In my coaching I focus on the candidates to gain the real Cloud Architecture implementation experience rather than pushing the course with screen operations only to complete. Through my posted videos you can watch this USP.

Contact for your real Cloud experiences learning and gaining with me and crack the interviews to get offers in AWS Roles globally or even you can transition to the role in the same company after facing the client interview/selection process. Which is very easy.

Please connect me on FB and have a discussion on your background and the needs/goals. I am looking for the serious learners only by having dedicated time. If you are a busy resource on the projects please note; you can wait to become free to learn. One need to spend time consistently on the practice. Otherwise its going to be in no-use.

DevOps: Advanced DevOps Practices/Processes-1

DevOps:Advanced DevOps Practices/Processes-1:
Following are more than the DevOps concepts, a Practitioner need to practice. So we can call them as part of Advanced DevOps practices also.

I have made a material and a discussion video which answers the below questions topic wise.

  1. What are the DevOps Loop activities ?
  2. What are the DevOps Patterns and Practices as per the Gartner ?
  3. What are the processes ?
  4. What is Culture in DevOps ?
  5. What is Technology ?
  6. Who are the People ?
  7. What are the bodies of Knowledge in DevOps in view of Agile and Scrum ?
  8. How the IT service management [ITSM] can be aligned with DevOps/Agile ?
  9. How the Quality Management Systems [QMS] can be connected with DevOps ?
  10. How the Automated testing life cycle can be connected ?
  11. How the Cloud Security is connected with DevOps ?
  12. How the Microservices and SOA are connected with DevOps ?
  13. What is Site Reliability Engineering [SRE] and how it is connected with DevOps ?
  14. What is Continuous Delivery Matrix Index [CDI] in DevOps ?
  15. How the CDI is connected with 5 maturity levels during practices ?

The attached Video has the discussions on the above topics.

Agile: How Agile is different from other Development models ?

In this Video you will see:

  1. How Agile is different from other Development models ?
  2. What are the business benefits we can get by using Agile model ?
  3. What is the duration of SDLC delivery cycles in the past and in Agile ?
  4. What are the iterations in Agile and how they function ?
  5. What is Agile Sprint planning ?
  6. What is Test Drive Development [TDD] in Agile/Sprint ?
  7. How the test automation can be implemented ?
  8. How the Parallel work is planned with different roles in Agile ?
  9. How the team collaboration is made in Agile ?
  10. How the testing process is applied in Agile model ?
  11. How A Test Analyst need to work with the Agile team ?
  12. What is informal review process in Agile ?
  13. What are the tasks during informal review process in Agile ?

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