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Agile: How Agile is different from other Development models ?

In this Video you will see:

  1. How Agile is different from other Development models ?
  2. What are the business benefits we can get by using Agile model ?
  3. What were duration of SDLC delivery cycles in the past and in Agile ?
  4. What are the iterations in Agile and how they function ?
  5. What is Agile Sprint planning ?
  6. What is Test Drive Development [TDD] in Agile/Sprint ?
  7. How the test automation can be implemented ?
  8. How the Parallel work is planned with different roles in Agile ?
  9. How the team collaboration is made in Agile ?
  10. How the testing process is applied in Agile model ?
  11. How A Test Analyst need to work with the Agile team ?
  12. What is informal review process in Agile ?
  13. What are the tasks during informal review process in Agile ?

Free learning for College passed [this year] out freshers

If you are a College passed out student in this year/latest academic year, you can join the below group:

You will be learning the attached imaged contents by self.

These courses are designed as per the current IT industry needs.

Some times there will be free mentoring sessions.

Please read and follow the rules to Join.

AWS: What is AWS IAM Role and how it works ?

When we setup the new projects/functional groups In traditional infra we used to follow a heirarchy of roles as per the organization. When the IT systems access is required the sysadmin/infra team used to follow the similar setup.

When we come to AWS Cloud setup, we need to follow the similar setup, which is called Identity Access Management [IAM].

The following video has the detailed discussion on IAM usage and its function.

AWS: POC – MySql-Server on AWS EC2 with a table/data creation/deletion

How to do MySql-Server setup on AWS EC2 with a table/data creation/deletion ?

If you are a DBA and want to use EC2 VM for MySql-virtual server, this might be the right Exercise/video to look into it as POC for client interviews also.

Even if you are a developer or test engineer or devops engineer; need to create such environment for some of the tasks like; a) Dev environment, b) Test environment, c) During deployment you need to create this kind of environment – if you need to do manually without an IAC code.

AWS security rules – Trouble shoot

You might face the following issues, when you configure EC2 as web server/page:

  1. Web page is displaying error.
  2. Not able to ping the EC2 server even though you have created as Public instance and has public ip.

So, what are the reasons ? Look into this trouble shoot video for some solutions…