How to setup Ubuntu 16.x Virtual machine [VM] for Vmware on Windows


For most of the lab practices you need Linux virtual machine.
Ubuntu is one of the famous OS under Linux flavors.
I have created a VM of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on VMware.
This has GUI also. So you can also use web browser, etc.
You can use the same for your lab practice.

For Ubuntu cloud Virtual machine download these 9 files into a separate directory.

And copy them into another  safe  directory.

Once you complete the above  I will guide you further.
Please note you need to have atleast 60GB space to practice.

Once you have copied them into a separate folder, Use the below link to setup Vmware Player for Windows:

Once the VMware player is opened, you can open the Virtual Machine from the above folder.
It shows one VMDK file. Just click on it.
You will be logging as:
user id:VSK  and
its Pwd is : kumar123
Now you can see like your linux ubuntu machine. with GUI.
You can start playing with your linux commands and start browsing web also.
If you are done with the above test run, then we can start your real labs session with Linux OS.
For docker labs, start following the below link and its series:

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