How to start a project with PRINCE2 methodology


This blog can give you an idea or jump start on a PRINCE2 “Project start up” stage for a new PM on this environment.

Following are the typical activities on Start-up of a new project using PRINCE2 methodology.

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  1. Nominate  the PRINCE2 Project executive and the PM: These roles can help the organization to outline the project by following the PRINCE2 methodology. Sometimes, both the roles can be equal like; he/she can be Project executive and the PM also, depends on the size of the project and the decision of the organization. In many organizations they have PMO role based person or PMO unit where they support to the Programmes or projects.
  2. Capture previous lessons: The previous lessons of the similar projects can give like; how the issues were handled, risks mitigation and their planning each stage. Most of the organizations they might have a repository of the project artifacts either through a configuration management library or in the form of project archival. These are very useful for running the retrospectives from the past projects. If the similar projects have not been executed by the organization, it is mandated to have external consultants to guide the team atleast for one cycle of the delivery. Please remember PRINCE2 framework emphasises to avoid the risks of failure to have these methods followed. Nobody can do a new technology or non-technology project without having a support. 
  3. Design and allocate the project management team: Once the Project Executive and the PM have been appointed on the project, they need to work together to identify the project business case. Then they need to work out on the roles required for the project. The roles & responsibilities need to be defined upfront with the required skills. Then the resources fulfilment can happen very easily.
  4. Outlining Business case: At this stage, The PM and the executive can consider the initial business case and the requirement made towards setting up of this project. The business case can be extended now and can be made very detailed and to be understood by the entire project organization. It should be very transparent to the team members also, to make them responsible on their role.
  5. Define Project approach and team orientation: During this stage, the PM and the executive need to define the project approach. During this documentation definition, they can use the past lessons learnt from the similar previous projects. If there are no past experiences gained, need to have external consultants support while doing the approach documentation. Please note that it should contain the supporting process steps also towards successful execution of the project. The timely risk mitigation and resolutions finding approach, on how to check the continuous business case justification at each stage of the project towards meeting the ROI of each activity can definitely help the entire team. The incorporation of resource contingency planning and release approach can help/support the team and management also. The continuous cost control approach also can give clarity to the management on identifying the extra costs at different stages and the more ROI from different stages.   Finally, there should be management approval on this approach documentation. Once it is approved, the resources   orientation training can be planned. During the orientation, the resources should be able to understand the business case and the project approach. The more these are transparent to them, the PM life and the team members life will be made smooth on the project. They need to be educated more on risk mitigation, resolution and activity/task re-planning. They should be able to identify risks even on their sub-tasks and the other team members’ sub-tasks. This way project execution planning and its control can be made easier. If needed the PM can conduct a quiz on the oriented topics and also the predicted risk scenarios on few activities. This way they can be self-motivated to be competent on the project. At the same time the team bonding also can be established.
  6. Project Initiation: Please note, at the end of each stage of the PRINCE2, you need to have a planning activity for the next stage. Hence during this activity you need to plan for the next stage which is project initiation.

Please follow my blogs [will be posted] for other stages of the PRINCE2 methodology.

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