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Management practice-3:How to plan and initiate your cloud transformation?


Current IT setup before cloud


Cloud evaluation-chartInitiate-Page3


On the above content I have made a video and posted  on my youtube  channel [Shanthi Kumar V] video URL: http://youtu.be/98zboBaXgoU

By seeing big cloud services vendors you and your team do not need to get confusion and get into their attraction shoes. Each vendor offer the services and their products differently. If you consider the above steps many of the issues or risks can be minimized and you will have your route map for cloud transformation along with the selection steps.

Currently; many testing or DevOps teams setup their test environments by using their existing hardware and using Virtual Machines [VMs] concepts. After certification of the product those VMs can be destroyed also.

Similarly; by having your internal cloud machines [VMs] you can automate the deployment process also by adopting into DevOps culture. Where many global organizations have achieved this activity under their regular management practices.

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