13. AWS:How to take Snapshot and copy to another EC2?



Let us think in traditional approach first.

Let us take a scenario of files copy from one machine to another machine.

You need to do the following:

  1. We need to copy the files into a pen drive or HDD or Copy them into a shared network drive.
  2. If you copy them into HDD or Pen drive, you need to connect to other machine to copy them into 2nd machine.

Now in Cloud using AWS; to know ” how we can do this activity ” we can see from the below steps:

  1. You need to have one EC2. [in this example, I have created one EC2 Windows server. Then attached one EBS Volume [which is equivalent of HDD or a Pen drive].
  2. I made this EBS Volume as an HDD to this server.
  3. Then I created some .txt files to take backup of these files.
  4. Then I have created the backup of these files using AWS Snapshot process.
  5. And attached this Snapshot to another 2ndEBS Volume.
  6. I have created 2ndEC2 with the same configuration.
  7. And attached the 2nd  EBS .
  8. Then I released it as HDD.
  9. Finally, those two text files can be seen in this 2nd   EC2.

These detailed steps were drawn in the attached video with “AWS live exercise class lesson of 1.45 mts. duration”.

The similar exercises were given during the Cloud Engineer interviews. So if you are appearing for the interview this might be useful one.

If you have patience and time, you can watch it in the below link. And practice it for your interviews.

Good luck in your AWS practice.









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