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Cloud projects level coaching: What TRADITIONAL IT ROLES Can attend/learn to convert ?

Cloud projects level coaching: What TRADITIONAL IT ROLES Can attend/learn to convert into demanding IT Cloud roles ?

Learning on how to build Cloud technology related tasks became a common and mandated activity for any IT Role.

This is the first step one need to attempt to understand the environments building for their projects.

Whether you take Microservices or Legacy areas. Study this given blog/video for more details. Come back to discuss for your background/role needs, to scale you up perfectly to beat the competition. Good luck in your Career growth ladder.

We have been coaching many IT Professionals globally to sustain the Cloud practice roles.
Visit the below blog/video on how to learn these:

Google search for Cloud Projects coaching

Google search for Cloud Projects coaching.

Yes, you can do it for name “Shanthi Kumar V”.

You can see all my blogs/videos/detailed profile, etc.

Watch/review them and come for joining with a commitment to reach to the said goals.

Come with an investment mind for your ROI through faster offers catching after this coaching.

How to become a Cloud Presales Expert ?

Is you background from IT Presales ?

Do you want to join in IT Cloud Presales roles to earn More CTC ?

Do you want to become a Cloud Presales Expert ?

For some more details, visit:

Coaching on Cloud cum DevOps Tasks: How this is different from Training ? | Building Cloud cum DevOps Architects (