How to become a Cloud Presales Expert ?

Are you from background IT Presales ?

Do you want to join in IT Cloud Presales roles to earn More CTC ?

Folks, As on now [ as per my awareness] nobody is giving Pre-sales expertise coaching to mold for Cloud cum DevOps roles. There are proven cases with our expertise. Please connect if you want to learn and join for those roles into the Competent global IT Cloud market’s presales roles. Criteria: You should have exposure with presales. If you are from IT techie background that will be good. Even we have molded the fulfillment life cycle presales people also in the past and got competent offers. Please Book a scheduled call to discuss. Good luck in your career. Visit our blogs/videos:

Do you want to become a Cloud Presales Expert ?

You should also understand how the COE centers build the presales people in IT Cos:

For some more details, visit:

Coaching on Cloud cum DevOps Tasks: How this is different from Training ? | Building Cloud cum DevOps Architects (

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