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Learn Cloud projects building through special coaching

Learn Cloud projects building through special coaching:

Many IT Organizations are having lack of skilled people on building the right cloud projects. Hence their Cloud budgets are increasing instead of savings towards ROI.

Here is the special coaching I have been doing since 4+ years for the desired IT professionals to groom them into the desired job skills.

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See the below video on the coaching delivery methodology:

Learning Cloud technologies through basic skills are not enough to understand the Infra domain knowledge. One need to step into the shoes of project level tasks planning/designing/building is mandated to succeed in the job role.

Why Learning Cloud building tasks are mandated for IT Role ?

Folks, Greetings!

Learning on how to build Cloud technology related tasks became a common and mandated activity for any IT Role. This is the first step one need to attempt to understand the environments building for their projects. Whether you take Microservices or Legacy areas. Study this video for more details. Come back to discuss for your background/role needs, to scale you up perfectly to beat the competition. Good luck in your Career growth ladder.