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What are the skills required for a Cloud Architect ? [From Gartner report – 2017]

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It was from one of the working IT Professionals interview on my course. He has 9.5 yrs sysadmin experience. He answered the below questions:

1. What did you expect from my course before joining ?

2. How did you feel on the material ?

3. How did you feel on explanation ?

4. How did you feel on the chapter wise questions practice ?

5. Did you get any job experience feeling from my course ?

6. If your current company put you on AWS tasks also, what is your confidence level ?

7. Finally, what is your target for your exam prep ?

8. How are you going to RE-use material ?

9. How are you going to RE-use Lab sessions ?

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Analyze AWS Solutions Architect – Associate Exam Guide series-1:
You can find the analysis through this discussion video with a Built Solutions Architect:


Another student discussion on “Course on AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional“, after attending AWS-SAA course.

Following are the samples of my previous classes with 10+ yrs experienced Sys-admin IT Professionals:

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How to plan on “moving your DB backups to AWS S3-Glacier [cold storage]” ?




For course:

  1. This is for OPTs and the Indian colleges fresh graduates who came/passed out in 2019.

  2. who are self driven and try for jobs with the given skills learning without getting into somebody shoes, come and get trained.

  3. A new batch is planned in a cost effective way. Contact in the given FB links from the blog. Good luck in your job search and in IT profession.

Free-orientation-for Freshers-2019

Join in the below group to follow the above guidelines:

This group is meant only for freshers/OPTs coaching on the topics mentioned in the group Logo. You can forward to your circles who all came out from college for 2019. They need to provide evidences as they are from 2019 batch only. The FB ID need to have photo with profile details. With these specs only they are allowed in this group.

For course: This is for OPTs and the Indian college graduate who came/passed out in 2019. who are self driven and try for jobs with the given skills learning without getting into somebody shoes, come and get trained. A new batch is planned in a cost effective way. Contact in the given FB links from the blog. Good luck in your job search and in IT profession.

Amaravati [AP-India] IT Jobs posting and trainings – A Face Book Group to join


  1. If your IT Company has the Branch sourounding to Amaravati [AP-India], you can become group member to post the IT Related Jobs.
  2. If you are a College student and ready to appear for exams and chase the off-campus interviews at different cities nearby, you can learn the latest technologies from this site also for interview preparation. Even if  some of you come with  a group an “Online coaching can be organized on the trending topics” along with the interview guidance. So you don’t need to get into wrong consultants shoes. Please note we don’t provide a job or assistance or recommend you to any company like others. After coaching confidently you need to try and you will be able to get a job with the learnt skills. You can join in this group.
  3. If you are a Consulting company and need some kind of Support for your client projects towards Cloud conversion/transition, the relevant support can be given globally to any Country. 
  4. The contacts are given in the below image.

Looking  forward for a response.

Amaravati FB-Group

Simple EC2 exercises[from blogs] – AWS free account?

If you are a new learner of AWS, you can practice the simple EC2 exercises.

The below video has them from  this blog site [with some tools installations] given for linux OS.


This video has a demo on “How to troubleshoot AWS EC2-Apache setup”. If you are new for this activity, you can watch this 1 hr video.


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Build Cloud Solution Architects [With some videos of the live students classes/feedback]



MicroServices and Docker [For learning concepts of Microservices and Docker containers]

AWS: What is infra scaling and how Autoscale works in AWS ?


What is infra scaling and how Autoscale works in AWS ?

In any traditional infrastructure, we can see scaling up and down the network or servers can be done through tools or manually.

In Cloud service we can do these activities using a Cloud service.

If we consider the AWS services, Autoscale is the service to monitor and add the needed VMs or delete the unused instances from the network [VPC/Subnet].

The attached video has the class discussion on this topic.







How can you start your 2nd innings with Cloud job market ?

If you are from Legacy infra background and legacy infra projects are getting nullified from your IT services company.

Please note; the Technology trending brings out always to flush out the legacy practices.

And you might have been warned by your employer/client  to look for another job in the current job market with a caution of pink slip!!

  1. Can you get the job with legacy infra practices/experience, when all the IT infra setup is getting moved into Cloud to save the cost ?

  2. Do you think the recruiting teams are going to consider your legacy resume ?

  3. What are you going to do ?

  4. How to become competent learner ?

  5. How to avoid your life threating stress ?

  6. How to cope up with fast learning skills ?

  7. How to plan to focus and beat the current job market without wasting your time?

  8. How to save your time and continue to get the payslip with another employer ?

You might feel its a million dollar question  at this time.

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Please watch the below 10 mts video to get relief on your stress.

I have given the similar advise to Storage engineers to utilize effectively their time in their 2nd innings.

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Why do you need to learn domain knowledge?:


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