AWS/DevOps: Part time Internships for IT Professionals – Interviews

I am very glad to share with you, My students are getting exciting offers in the Cloud JOB Market with massive hikes and Joining bonuses which will be attached to their first pay check. This denotes well the value of this course in the IT Job market and their extensive efforts during the course. This is the evidence we have at present. Please note any single statement they have not mentioned in their profile beyond their POCs. Their resumes were honored well with their current proven skills. Please follow the below content.


I have designed the internships for the working IT professionals to speed up their Learning process for interviews. These are the part time Internship programmes for external, global job Interviews and offers purpose. They are with weekly hours of sessions. You need to spend your self hours per day 2-3 hours on tasks completion. If you have this kind of contribution only you can send your application. Others, you will be rejected.

The interested people can approach as per the guidelines given on this website’s main page.

There will be evaluation call to assess your current technical competency status to gauge you for the coaching level.

Once you are selected the Terms and conditions will be revealed. If interested only you can join. Please note this is a paid one.

You will be able to use the POCs done by you in your profile through this programme along with your demoed videos, during the programme. These can help you to crack the interviews towards competent offers. And the relevant recruiters also can understand your well proven capabilities to pickup as a real profile professional.

What are the Tasks of Traditional roles and the Cloud ? In this video the traditional IT roles are discussed along with their tasks. And how these roles are transformed into a Cloud Engineer to handle by single person who has extensive infra domain and Cloud services knowledge to build the various setup. Watch the below discussion video:

From the below video you can also see the typical feasible POCs through Stage1 course for A Cloud Architect role building. Depends on your desire you can also pick up some technology related projects like; Big data, IOT, etc. after completion of the curriculum.

You can also see from the below video; “Stage1: What are the course delivery steps ?”:

You can observe the POCs identification steps/discussion as jump start of the coaching/course:

Visit for some of the students feedback:

Manage Review (

You can see the below blog on the recent students performance in the course and also in the IT Job Market:


You also need to be aware on the below:

Your self assessment questions:

Folks, I have the below questions:

Why do you need an Internship being experienced IT Professional to handle Cloud projects ?

Are you going to learn a new technology on your own ?

Are you going to provide a live similar solution to the interviewer or to your client ?

Are you capable enough to identify the past traditional roles activities in each of the Cloud infra setup ?

Are you able to identify the series of infra tasks in a Cloud migration ?

Are you able to design the cloud infra steps with your peace meal trainings practices ?

If you are not able to answer yourself the above questions, please see this blog and the relevant videos for your answers.

For any further questions please follow the procedure  mentioned on the web page.

For freshers visit the below link:

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