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Cloud Projects: Why the Cloud Budgets are Increasing instead of Saving with Cloud ?


In Cloud Projects, why the Cloud Budgets are Increasing instead of Savings with Cloud implementation ?

Why some of the client managers are scared with their current Cloud Consultants/employees ?

With reference to my Different calls made with many Infra managers, through several tech. news and research papers published by popular market research companies, I am sharing the following for your awareness.

One need to understand the below Cloud Initiation process steps also:


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Lack of Cloud Engineer Skills-1.

I have made this video after having calls with many Cloud professionals globally.

Many of the Cloud Engineers are failing due to lack of the domain based skills.

Even recently in top notch tech news sites they have publised on how the Cloud projects are costing more inspite of saving the cost to the organizations.

In this Video, I have discussed on the traditonal roles and compared with the AWS Cloud setup tasks. So with that one can self assess the skills.

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Some more issues related to Networks and Firewall:

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