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What is a cloud screen operation and what is an activity in cloud infra ?

What is a cloud screen operation and what is an activity in cloud infra ?


There are crores of people have been attending online/offline training on Cloud and DevOps globally.

But Do we know what is a screen operation ?

What is a project activity ?

What is the difference between these ?

In this below blog; I have given some elaboration on them to know the real differences. This can help the people who say they are experts on AWS Screen operations.

If they have experienced the interviews this can give clarity why the interviewers asked them some job oriented tasks related questions, but not the screen operations.

Now, Let us take AWS.

You want to create a VM which is EC2 service. You need to understand its screen operations to launch the default VM. Yes you know very well through numerous trainings you attended.

But when I come to my second question;

What is the use of this EC2 machine ?

What for I need to use ?

Where can I use in my infrastructure building activity ?

How to connect in  a network ?

How to share that machine access to different developers ?

If we have a 3-tier application how to build in  a cloud ?

How can I do internal networking ?

How can I do external networking from my account to other accounts ?

What are the best practices I can use to build the cost effective infrastructure ?

Finally, how to automate this

Offcourse, these are live activities on need to answer in an interview and perform those for right delivery.

But my next question is how to learn these gaps and move forward into the job roles ?

You need to learn the Infra domain knowledge. And build some kind of proof of concept [POC] projects through experienced mentors.

In this video the traditional IT roles are discussed along with their tasks. And how these roles are transformed into a Cloud Engineer to handle by single person who has extensive infra domain and Cloud services knowledge to build the various setup. Watch the below discussion video with an experienced IT professional:

This video has the Traditional Infrastructure building analysis. How to setup a new Infrastructure for an E-commerce in Traditional manner ? What are the Activities we might do ? When we plan for the same Infra building in a Cloud setup what are the high level activities ?:

For all the above solutions, please visit my consolidated blog and connect with my on linked [Name: Shanthi Kumar V] to chat with you first, to assess you for this coaching.

Wish you good luck in your IT Career.

AWS: What is Opswork ?


In this demo you can see the basic options of OpsWork.

How Chef can be used for configuration ?

What are the basic options without the usage of Chef ?

What is OpsWork stack ?

How the Stack can be configured for an Application deployment ?

You can see from the below video:

How to get hired from Home ?


In 2020, many companies are operating their employees with work from home option.

Now, if you want to change the job, obviously you need to attend the interviews also from Home. There can be international jobs, you will have to apply.

So, how to plan ?

What are the TIPS to use during the calls ?

I have collected the below article for you to get ready. Just go through it and note down the points on TIPS to be adopted.

Good luck in your Career.

Pay Negotiation tips – what are the 7 Steps to Reach Your Earning Potential


As you all know the Cloud and DevOps Job market is booming up.

Let us say you are getting multiple offers for a role.

You need to plan for CTC Negotiations upfront.

Do you have the tips and tricks to play with recruiters to come up with the desired CTC Proposal ?

See this great article on “Pay Negotiation tips – 7 Steps to Reach Your Earning Potential”.

For IT professionals: Why do you need mentoring and coaching ?

For IT professionals: Why do you need mentoring and coaching ?


I would like to share one of the best articles for your perusal.

I took the same path to coach and mentor the IT Professionals, since 2012 onwards.

The current coaching sessions are on the same roamap.

Please follow the below blog:

Visit for some of the students feedback:

Manage Review (

AWS POCs: Migrations from on Premises


Are you intending to stick on to IT Cloud Profession ?

Are you from technical background and going to work in Cloud ?

Then see this.

There are presales-engineers also attended my courses.

These roles need to do many demos to the clients.

On live, there are many migration activities for a Cloud Engineer to do.

At the same time the presales teams also will be asked by the clients to demo a POC.

I am trying to present some of the scenarios through the below blog.

These are done by my course participant as POCs.

In this blog, you can see the on-premises migration activities demos.

[there are many like this, samples only shared].

The typical Migration activities in any Cloud:

A developer wanted his Vmware VM which has Jenkins server with jobs, need to be placed in AWS Cloud. Watch the below video for a demonstrated solution.




In this blog you can find different POCs done through NAT Gateway with Private subnet’s EC2s.

For NAT instance POCs, visit the below URL:

What are my Linkedin URLs ?



Some of you might be watching my blogs and videos.

I have build a web page on linkedin, its URL is:

The following questions can be answered to you.

1. Through these content one can learn what they are lacking  ?

2. Do they really need this kind of competency building coaching  ?

3. And how they utilize this activity to market their scaled up profile into IT Global Market ?

I have created the posts and also uploaded the videos to justify on the above questions/doubts/clarifications.

AWS: POC on How to setup Nginx server and reverse proxy ?

AWS: POC on How to setup Nginx server and reverse proxy ?

Folks, As you might know in many productions systems they use NGINX server and its reverse proxy setup to direct the web links/pages to different server to get the and display.

In the below Video we have done a POC on setting up the NGINX server and a reverse proxy for future applications setup.

And also this one hour video also has the IAC demo for VPC.

AWS: POC on How to setup Nginx server and reverse proxy ?

Keep visiting this blog for future POCs on the same topic.