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AWS/DevOps: Part time Internships for IT Professionals – Interviews

I am very glad to share with you, My students are getting exciting offers in the Cloud JOB Market with massive hikes and Joining bonuses which will be attached to their first pay check. This denotes well the value of this course in the IT Job market and their extensive efforts during the course. This is the evidence we have at present. Please note any single statement they have not mentioned in their profile beyond their POCs. Their resumes were honored well with their current proven skills. Please follow the below content.


I have designed the internships for the working IT professionals to speed up their Learning process for interviews. These are the part time Internship programmes for external, global job Interviews and offers purpose. They are with weekly hours of sessions. You need to spend your self hours per day 2-3 hours on tasks completion. If you have this kind of contribution only you can send your application. Others, you will be rejected.

The interested people can approach as per the guidelines given on this website’s main page.

There will be evaluation call to assess your current technical competency status to gauge you for the coaching level.

Once you are selected the Terms and conditions will be revealed. If interested only you can join. Please note this is a paid one.

You will be able to use the POCs done by you in your profile through this programme along with your demoed videos, during the programme. These can help you to crack the interviews towards competent offers. And the relevant recruiters also can understand your well proven capabilities to pickup as a real profile professional.

What are the Tasks of Traditional roles and the Cloud ? In this video the traditional IT roles are discussed along with their tasks. And how these roles are transformed into a Cloud Engineer to handle by single person who has extensive infra domain and Cloud services knowledge to build the various setup. Watch the below discussion video:

From the below video you can also see the typical feasible POCs through Stage1 course for A Cloud Architect role building. Depends on your desire you can also pick up some technology related projects like; Big data, IOT, etc. after completion of the curriculum.

You can also see from the below video; “Stage1: What are the course delivery steps ?”:

You can observe the POCs identification steps/discussion as jump start of the coaching/course:

Visit for some of the students feedback:

Manage Review (

You can see the below blog on the recent students performance in the course and also in the IT Job Market:


You also need to be aware on the below:

Your self assessment questions:

Folks, I have the below questions:

Why do you need an Internship being experienced IT Professional to handle Cloud projects ?

Are you going to learn a new technology on your own ?

Are you going to provide a live similar solution to the interviewer or to your client ?

Are you capable enough to identify the past traditional roles activities in each of the Cloud infra setup ?

Are you able to identify the series of infra tasks in a Cloud migration ?

Are you able to design the cloud infra steps with your peace meal trainings practices ?

If you are not able to answer yourself the above questions, please see this blog and the relevant videos for your answers.

For any further questions please follow the procedure  mentioned on the web page.

For freshers visit the below link:

Cloud management Practices: How to plan the Cloud Initiation ?


I have done my EXIN Cloud professional certification in 2014. Soon after acquired the certification, I studied the Cloud needs and the costing, etc. Then I came up with a Consulting cum presales presentation video in my youtube channel: Shanthi Kumar V.

I do discuss with some of my course participants on those practices depends on their background. Mostly these practices need to be used by the 10+ years IT experienced folks, who configure themselves for Cloud Projects initiation with their project management and pre-sales practices.

In the below video I have done the same discussion in two sessions:

See my Youtube video also, which was made in 2014:

For my coaching offering, visit the below blogs:

Layoffs and Cloud Engineers Experiences


I talk to global IT Professionals on weekly basis.

Many Cloud/DevOps professionals they contact me for professional guidance.

I spoke to some of the Laid-off Cloud Engineers. Their experiences faced from the day one of Cloud/DevOps learning to till the next job trial, they spoke to me.

Some of them I have narrated into my videos, I am sharing those for my blogs/videos viewers:

Folks, Please see the below video on what is a competency building in IT?

Visit the below blogs also for knowledge purpose:

Also see the below video to know the market need and analysis of the activities:

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GCP: POCs/Tasks/Trouble shoot session for interviews


I do coaching on Multi Cloud services to build the Cloud cum DevOps professionals.

Please note, I also build the presales Engineers for Cloud services.

In this blog you can find my GCP sessions with my participants with trouble shooting also.

These are the hardcore screening sessions for interviews. Hence don’t miss. If you want to join for GCP course please follow the mentioned process on my web page.

You can also visit my GCP related blogs/videos from the below URLs:

Please note; there is internship also under Stage1 and Stage2 levels to build you as Cloud cum DevOps Architect. Visit the below blog:

AWS/DevOps: Part time Internships for IT Professionals – Interviews | Building Cloud cum DevOps Architects (

AWS: For all Windows Server EC2 setup & Trouble shoot issues

AWS: For all Windows Server EC2 setup & Trouble shoot issues


Keep revisiting this blog for the Windows server EC2 related Infra activities POCS/Tasks/Trouble shoot issues.

Visit the below blog for your part time internship:

AWS: Certified Security Speciality Exam-Guide discussion


In this blog; You can find the discussion on “AWS Certified Security Speciality Exam-Guide”. And also you can find different JDs discussion on this role. I will be posting periodically, when discuss with my participants.

If you are keen in learning through one on one Coaching visit for some more details the below blogs and its URLs:

AWS Multiple Job Descriptions[JDs] & Discussions

AWS Multiple Job Descriptions[JDs] & Discussions:

With my course/coaching participants, I keep discussing the different Cloud cum DevOps roles by pulling the JDs from the job portals. This activity can create them to identify their skills gaps to fulfill from my coaching and to target the higher pay jobs.

In this blog periodically, I will upload the JDs of Cloud/DevOps roles discussion videos.

The interested people can keep visiting this blog in future.

A cloud admin role:


You can see the interview preparation POC discussion, for one of the Cloud Engineer’s role:

Visit the relevant blog on the above POCs complete solution:

And if you really keen in learning and moving fast with one on one coaching, you should visit the below blog to make strategic decision with commitment after seeing the videos from the below blogS:

You can see the participants dedication from their serious demos and the periodical review calls with consistent progress.

Please note, I build the Cloud presales professionals also. The eligibility  to accept the candidate is: a) Should have MBA, b) Should have worked on IT presales activity, c) Should have learnt AWS/GCP. Minimum two cloud basic services knowledge is required to do the POCs. Then you will be screened on the above before accepting for an internship. Visit the below blogs also to see how the past candidates worked hard and performed exceptionally through this coaching.

Note these role people are the primary people among the technical people to be focused to the clients by the sales people in an IT company. Hence their competency is very valuable.

Cloud Projects: Why the Cloud Budgets are Increasing instead of Saving with Cloud ?


In Cloud Projects, why the Cloud Budgets are Increasing instead of Savings with Cloud implementation ?

Why some of the client managers are scared with their current Cloud Consultants/employees ?

With reference to my Different calls made with many Infra managers, through several tech. news and research papers published by popular market research companies, I am sharing the following for your awareness.

One need to understand the below Cloud Initiation process steps also:

This is my telegram Group, which will have all latest videos:


Lack of Cloud Engineer Skills-1.

I have made this video after having calls with many Cloud professionals globally.

Many of the Cloud Engineers are failing due to lack of the domain based skills.

Even recently in top notch tech news sites they have publised on how the Cloud projects are costing more inspite of saving the cost to the organizations.

In this Video, I have discussed on the traditonal roles and compared with the AWS Cloud setup tasks. So with that one can self assess the skills.

#cloud #aws #cloudcomputing #cloudsecurity #security #devops #lackofskills #jobskills

For your further study visit the following:

If you want join for this coaching, you should watch the project review calls and the participants progress with consistent speed also:

Some more issues related to Networks and Firewall:

I am glad to share my Student [Harshad Rajwade] offers/achievement. After Poonam, Ram, Harshad is the key student to prove it. Please read my linkedin comments:

AWS ELB: What are the traditional Load Balancer activities for Trouble shoot/interviews?

AWS ELB: What are the traditional Load Balancer activities for Trouble shoot/interviews?

In this blog you can find the Load Balancer related discussions and its POCs videos through blogs also.

You can also visit the below blogs:

AWS: A live interview POC setup with ELB/VPC Peering/EBS Mount/S3/Webpage


Many Clients are asking the candidates to setup the AWS Infra by giving a scenario based steps. One of our course participants applied for the role of a Pre-sales Engineer, with reference to his past experience.

We have followed the below process to come up with the required setup in two parts, from the client given document.

Part-I: Initially, we have analyzed the requirement and come up with detailed design steps. And tested them. The below video it shows the tested steps discussion and the final solution also. [ be patient for 1 hr]

Part-II: In the second stage; we have used the tested steps to create the AWS infra environment. This is done by the candidate who need to build this entire setup. The below video has the same demo [be patient for 2 hrs].

You can watch the below blog/videos to decide to join for a coaching:

Cloud Cum DevOps Coaching: Your Investigation and actions

Cloud Cum DevOps Coaching: Your Investigation and actions

Watch the below videos for your Greater ROI planning and decision:

================== NOTE FOR PRO-ACTIVE PEOPLE ===>


Folks, This is, for learning intended Cloud/DevOps professionals only.
Cloud cum DevOps Coaching: How to Connect to save your future ROI ?
If you are a determined and self projected Cloud/DevOps Professional, you do not need to crawl among the peace meal trainings and watching tons of videos by wasting your time. But those can be useful for few hours of your project activities to complete. There is a lot to learn to deliver an activity in Cloud Infra and DevOps process related. Through coaching, you can attend upto the project role level end to end tasks coaching to mold you technically and professionally on the role. In most of the projects they are expecting the IAC to develop and give demos in review calls. On live nobody will be there to mentor you. You will be evaluated regularly on the performance. Many of the companies have made monthly evaluation/appraisals [hidden HR process] to sack the fake and NON-Performance IT profiles to save their project cost.
Please follow the below rules mentioned in the Slide/video/Bill Board. Visit the Blogs/Videos at final round for any more doubts. Connect me on Linkedin to verify your profile, before our 1st round call. Good luck in your IT career.

NOTE: You need to keep revisiting this blog for any new additions. From the given links also they will be updated timely.

Cloud/DevOps Coaching: How to Architect your Clouds into Projects ?:

Cloud/DevOps Coaching: Your actions for right decision:

What are the Tasks of Traditional roles and the Cloud Engineer ? In this video the traditional IT roles are discussed along with their tasks. And how these roles are transformed into a Cloud Engineer role to handle by single person who has extensive infra domain and Cloud services knowledge to build the various setup. Watch the below discussion video:

Cloud/DevOps Coaching: Do you feel your ROI need to be accelerated ?:

You can watch the Course specimen from the below videos:

Visit for some of the students feedback:

Manage Review (

Watch the course review calls also with the participants:

From the below blogs, some more information you will get:

For DevOps POCS samples, visit:

AWS VPC S3-End Point: Trouble shoot for defects also

AWS VPC S3-End Point: Trouble shoot for defects also


User requirement: The development team needs the S3 Access in private Linux EC2s. They need a separate VPC with S3 End point setup. IAM role need to be given to the developers to access S3 files from EC2 through AWS CLI.

Doing the typical VPC-S3 End point is a normal way. But we tried a different way. We documented the Infra design steps. By following them, we breaked those design steps and demonstrated how the defects can be created at different levels.

So one can learn how the defects can be flown around, in this steps journey. So that the live issues can be understood easily.

Please note; one more thing. The demo participant is from NON-IT, She learnt a lot during this course with weekly 20+ hours dedication. And once the manual infra demo is given, in few days she will come up with IAC scripts demo for the same setup. During the coaching I filter NON-IT People also for their dedication/hard work and prove and learn attitude to utilize my coaching well. Definitely such people are very valid resources for IT organizations. As long as the management understand these people capability, they are not the competitors and no need of doing fake in profiles. There are so many NON-IT dedicated and honest people ready to convince on the interviews comparing to the proxy guys.

You can watch the demo from the below video:

Some more videos from the same participant can be seen below:

AWS RDS POC: How it saves DBA Efforts ?

In this blog, I am trying to add the RDS related theory and POCs. You can revisit this blog for future POCs also.

As a pre-requisite to watch the RDS videos, you can also see the traditional setup of a DB without RDS from the below blog/POC video: AWS POC: How to setup MYSQL DB data into Private Linux EC2 with NAT Instance ? | Building Cloud cum DevOps Architects (

From the below video you can catch, What is RDS and how it saves DBA efforts ?


Watch the below video.

What are the RDS DB engines ?

Now you can see on What are the tasks to setup RDS ?

You can see the POC Demo for the above discussion.

For Special Coaching details, visit: