Cloud/Devops: How the ITSM professionals can be reused ?

Cloud/DevOps: Rebuild ITSM for Cloud/DevOps:

Before going through this blog; you should be aware of the demand of this coaching in the Global IT JOB market from URL:

The Traditional ITSM professionals do not have option, except converting into Cloud/DevOps roles with the relevant tools. How this methodology works in a project level from an individual, what skills one need to be groomed: Watch the video and its description. This kind of practices a COE need to follow if the IT company has the financial capability to run the COE building at this stage instead of loosing the knowledgeable guys. Or the individuals need to open their eyes to switch their career by taking experts one on one coaching.

Rebuild Your IT career from ITSM to Infra and DevOps building with traditional exp.
I have not included the real ITSM roles. Those also can utilize into the conversion. Case to case it can be discussed. Each Organization has their own title and using them for ITSM delivery also. These role guys can work easily for implementing the IT governance in Cloud/DevOps comparatively with other roles.
This is the Stage1 Course Highlight. You will be coached for the concepts of JSON/YAML scripts towards writing the AWS Cloud service components creation. Your personal practice efforts are mandated here.
A detailed Stage2 course discussion video is there in one of the blogs. Follow the below link:
Your effort in practicing tools is required here.

Also be aware on the below points [Published in a blog also] :

I feel; For every DevOps Professional learning Infra building activity is mandatory. See the issues, what you are facing within them. Atleast one of them you are facing from your end as mentioned in the below slide/video. Then there is a gap in your implementation practice with lack of learning in a right method with best practices. So think on your actions after the below videos watching!

The new Internship programme is made for the working IT Professionals, AS PART TIME. WHICH IS ONGOING.

Please see the below blog for details and also watch the discussion with a new participant on the size of the POCs during the coaching:

 You can also see the below blog/videos towards ITSM professionals exp usage for Cloud/DevOps Architect:

What IT roles can vanish with Cloud transition ? 

If you are in the below roles, in the current recession you will be targeted for pinkslip among the IT professionals as 1st exit group. What you need to do on your career replan. Please see/follow the blog/videos with patience. 

As per my observation and practice with the trending technology [Cloud], all the Cloud services vendors have inbuilt serverless computing for many services. The following roles are going to be vanished or reskilled. But if they are kept under recession staff cut, these professionals need to take care of their career.

1. DBA:–>The DBA tasks are embedded as part of these services. So the DBAs used to sit hours together in the past to perform many mundane tasks. Now these all are automated.

2. Similarly, many other tasks are related to infra roles; Network admin/Sys-Admin are also automated through Cloud services.

3. As a consolidation all these 3 roles are clubbed into one role of Cloud Engineer. This role’s major task is to automate all the Cloud setup related activities under IAC[Infrastructure As Code]. In future only the IAC will sustain to save the cost to IT by automating the cloud setup creation activity.

4. If any professional need to compete with this role means; they need to understand the Infra needs and the past roles tasks in depth. Along with the multiple Infra related architecture scenarios, with in-depth knowledge on Cloud technology. Then only they can analyze the IAC requirements clearly to write the code and test it. This is the domain analysis and design activity they need to consider apart from the Cloud technology learning.

5. We can also see the Storage engineer role. All the Cloud vendors have the Cloud Storage services. With them mundane tasks creation/maintenance is vanished. Hence this role also will not exist.


The below video has the discussion on: A) What IT Roles can vanish after migrating to Cloud? B) How the roles/tasks are being transformed to Cloud through serverless computing technology ? C) Why anybody can learn and do the past Infra roles with Cloud ? D) What all they need to learn ? E) How the organizations can demand an employee to convert into modern technology before taking a decision for a pink slip serving ?
Finally, what are the following roles and their tasks:
Traditional Infrastructure building roles:
1.Network Admin/Engineer
2.System Administrator
3.Database Administrator
4. Deployment Engineer

5. Storage Engineer — There is a separate video done for this role education:

Technical Roles:
2.Test Engineer/Analyst

F) Among the above which role can pickup faster the Cloud/DevOps Automation technology ?
G) Then How these roles can perform in Cloud  with faster deployment ?
H) Why and how the manpower reduction happen after Cloud implementation ?

I) Why do you need to learn from the experienced IT mentors to transform into modern technology ?

K) Some people say, they can learn by self. How much they can learn and cope-up with the current market needs on various technologies to settle in modern technology ? [refer to point#5 in this blog].

L) Why do you need to spend/invest  more money to re-settle in the modern technology ?

Note: Along with this video, there are multiple blogs I have published with Videos links to make awareness to the IT Professionals. You see those blogs from this site itself.

For further understanding please read the below text:

In the current IT World Cloud computing became regular practice for any IT Professional. Any cloud services we use, we need to know the current/traditional infrastructure setup. But every IT professional may not have that background/knowledge to understand. Because in this industry each of us played  different roles.

The Infra activities handled IT Professional only will come to know this knowledge and will have experience. But the industry needs every IT employee need to know this knowledge apart from the Cloud service provider [Ex: AWS, Azure, GC, etc..] products operations. [Eventhough, if you are a certified Solutions architect with that Cloud service provider.]

Then only whoever the professionals are certified they will be able to use these products/services and implement them under cloud setup. Hence the Infra domain knowledge or experience is mandated for every IT professional who is working for Cloud services or in that infra setup. I have been hearing during Cloud professionals recruitment the interviewers are keeping some questions on this area also. If one understand the Network domain setup then only they will be able to design the Cloud architecture. Hence more employers are worried to have this domain knowledge with the Certified and recruited Cloud professionals.

I have started a Cloud Practices group to educate/share the IT professionals with this domain knowledge. The below link can be used to join/apply:


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