5. Azure: Azure Coaching on AZ-104 Curriculum

Azure has changed the Course Curriculum for AZ-104 exam, which is upgraded on top of AZ-103. They have added more than 45% additional contents to play the thorough Azure Admin role. I have detailed on my AZ-104 Coaching to build you as a real Azure Administrator with the Infra Project activities. See this videos and come back for a scheduled call. Even if you are certified AZ-103 professional, you can also join to learn the practical scenarios/activities on how they will be implemented in Azure. With this course you can perform your role confidently.

I have discussed the same in the below Video with a detailed Excel sheets for the course contents and what you will get from me to become a Real Azure Cloud Administrator. See the Video description also.

This is not a training. Its a coaching to build the candidate as Azure Admin with the typical projects activities/tasks. They will be doing these activities during the course. Finally they will be proved in the interviews they can handle the Azure AZ-104 Admin activities. Read the blog and also watch the attached video to know in detail. Also watch the other Azure Videos. And come to a scheduled call. We prefer the dedicated experienced IT professionals to push them into Azure Cloud roles.

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