Do you want to become Cloud cum DevOps Architect in one go ?

How to become a Cloud cum DevOps Architect role, the IT industry demanding role to save costing ?

Many business based companies they might have the employee size from 50-40% only under the current global situation to save costing. They can attempt the first staff/contractor cut on IT professionals only to save costing. Globally, if we see from May to July 2020, crores [millions] of IT Professionals might come out by loosing the jobs.

What the IT Cos might look in In such case and how long an IT professional will be job less. I can say till he/she meets the technical requirement of a company in the global market to handle end to end. The companies would prefer to have multi Cloud skills to handle end to end engagement. They would like to follow a different strategy to work on cost efficient plans. They prefer the Cloud professional to plan everything and can execute the planned activities to implement by self including the Infra and DevOps automation. This is required for every IT Professionals; [it does’nt matter in what role they are; developer/tester/BA, etc..] to be aware of on their technical environments and do by self from end to end IT solutions.

But convincing/updates/approvals need to happen from the middle management only. In such case each individual need to assess at what level they are and how to fish the right job for them after few months. And in the meanwhile what skill gaps need to be upgraded to work as an individuals with the above mentioned automation areas by getting the massive infra/DevOps practices knowledge. For further the details see the below content which can help on your career rebuild plan to restart your second innings through this massive recession.

If you are more than 5 years Infra role experienced IT working Professional [from any country], you can become Cloud cum DevOps Architect by learning through experts coaching with live implementable activities.
There will be market crunch for this combinational skills and dryness happens very soon as per the IT research articles.
For course details, Read the below blogs and watch the videos.

I coach the keen learners, who are working IT Professionals [globally].

For course details see the below blog/videos:

Watch the below videos on how the project tasks are being handled for the course participants:


Make a strong decision, before you talk to me.

Build Cloud architects-FB promotion

Why the DevOps practice team is required to involve in Infra cloud planning?

I was talking to some clients recently on the importance of Cloud migration activities planning. I have come with some guidelines for them as part of my engagement. Some of my guidelines given to them, I would like to share as below.

When the DevOps practice team need to do the infra setup  for a cloud migration they also need to participate on the identification of Infra activities and the specifications. Which is very essential.

This need to be done as initial step with any Cloud services migration.

As per my opinion we can work with any cloud services like; AWS/AZURE/Google Cloud, etc., by having the above activity as mandatory.

The attached blog/Video contains the same discussion with the details of the steps required to setup a Virtual Private Cloud. The VPC nomenclature we might have seen with AWS. But similar setup or name cane be there with other Cloud service providers also.

Once this VPC is created the systems are going to be hosted on Cloud.

The Ops team’s responsibility is; to make sure the Cloud migration is correctly and completely done for all the live setup.

At the same time they also need to conduct a pilot testing activity successfully which is mandated as per the Agile Projects management [Agile PM] standards before they announce go live.

They also need to do a parallel run along with the past production setup with a new cloud setup for few weeks.

Below URL contains the initial planning discussion as mentioned:

If you want to learn detailed discussion on Infra planning, visit:

For my other Azure blogs/videos visit:

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