AWS& DevOps: Stage1 & Stage2 course for Modern tech. professional


Pre-requisites to read this blog: Please read the below blog: What IT roles can vanish with Cloud transition ?

I have designed my courses with reference to the current IT industry needs and most of the employers what they are looking/demanding for, with Cloud/DevOps skills and the Infrastructure knowledge from the new resource/recruitment. This is Only for Working IT Professionals please.

After completion of Stage1 & Stage2 courses you will be expert in doing the Infra and DevOps Automation. A case scenario is discussed in the below blog/video, should watch it. And also know how the participant are doing like a real project documentation with IAC design and code steps:

Please watch the below videos and their detailed descriptions. Connect me on linkedin [ ] or on Facebook to know your profile.

For Stage1 Toc, watch the below video:

For stage2 TOC, Watch this video:

Remember; once you complete the courses of Stage1 and Stage2, in the job day one onwards you will be able to perform the tasks after understanding their [client] Infra/Cloud setup.

During the course attending, My course tasks are discussed for any Keen learner. He/she will be following the same to achieve the planned goals on that activity.

Finally when you are able to complete the Stage2 course you be doing the Infra Automation. AWS Recommends the 6 Application Migration Strategies; called as “The 6 R’s”. I have drafted the further process to follow during automation in the below video description.

The following videos has the discussion on it:

What are the skills required for a Cloud Architect ?

You can watch the below video.


Contact for your real Cloud experiences learning and gaining with me and crack the interviews to get offers in AWS Roles globally or even you can transition to the role in the same company after facing the client interview/selection process. Which is very easy with this knowledge.

Please connect me on FB and have a discussion on your background and the needs/goals. I am looking for the serious learners only by having dedicated time. If you are a busy resource on the projects please note; you can wait to become free to learn. One need to spend time consistently on the practice. Otherwise its going to be in no-use.

I have made the similar Curriculum for Azure and GCP also on the same roles.

For our students latest demos visit the below blog:

How the POCs or Infra activities are being planned, see an example:

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