Cloud cum DevOps coaching for job skills –>latest demos

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Do you know how our coaching can help you to get the higher CTC Job role ? , Just watch the below videos:

Saikalis from USA. Her background is from Law. She is attending this coaching to transform into IT through DevOps skills. You can see some of her demos:

Cloud cum DevOps coaching for job skills –>latest demos by course students. [Note: We consider honest and hardworking people to build/rebuild their IT Career for higher CTC]. Following are the latest demos done by the students on different services integration.

Siva Krishna is a working DevOps Engineer from a startup. He wanted to scale up his profile for higher CTC. You can see his demos:

2.5 decades experienced IT Professional demos:

You can see his POCs demos from the below URLs:

Venkatesh Gandhi is a 25 plus years IT experienced professional from TX, USA. He wants to unleash the Multi cloud roles activities. He took the coaching in two phases [Phase1-> for building cloud and Devops activities and Phase2-> for Sr. Solutions Architect role activities].

Reshmi T has 5 plus years of experience from IT Industry. When her profile was ready she got multiple offers with 130% hike. You can see her reviews on Urbanpro link given at the end of this web page.

You can see her feedback interview:

You can see her first day [of the coaching] interview:

Demos of Reshmi’s [Currently working as Cloud Engineer]:

1.MySQL data upload with CSV
2.S3 Operations
3.MYSQL DB EBS volume sharing solution implementation
4.MYSQL backup EBS volume transfer to 2nd EC2 windows-
5.To restore MYSQL DB Linux backup into Windows-

6.EFS public network files share to two developers
7.VPC Private EC2 MariaDB setup
8.VPC Peering and RDS for WP site with two tier architecture
9.How to create a simple apache2 webpage with terraform
10.How to create RDS:
11.NAT Gateway RDS demo- Manual, Terraform and Cloudformation

Fresher’s demos:

Hira Gowda passed out MCA in 2021:

Docker demos:

Review calls:

Terraform and Cloudformation demos:

Building AWS manual Infrastructure:

With IT Internship experienced:

Demos by Praful Patel [Canada]–>

[Praful]->2 Canadian JDs discussion[Linkedin]: What is Cloud Engineer ? What is Cloud Operations Engineer ? Watch the detailed discussions.

[Praful]-POC05-Demo-Terraform for Web application deployment.

[Praful]->CF1-POC04-A web page building through Cloudformation – YAML Script:

[Praful]- POC-03->A contact form application infra setup and [non-devops] deployment demo.

A JD with combination of QA/Cloud/Automation/CI-CD Pipeline.:

[Praful]->2 Canadian JDs discussion[Linkedin]: What is Cloud Engineer ? What is Cloud Operations Engineer ? Watch the detailed discussions.

Demos from Naveen G:

Following are POC demos of Ram Manohar Kantheti:

I. AWS POC Demos:

As a part of my coaching, weekly POC demos are mandatory for me. The following are the sample POCs with complexity for your perusal.

Launching a website with an ELB in a different VPC using VPC Peering for different regions on a 2-Tier Website Architecture. This was done as an integrated demo to my coach:
At the end of this assignment, you will have created a web site using the following Amazon Web Services: IAM, VPC, Security Groups, Firewall Rules, EC2, EBS, ELB and S3

AWS OpsWorks Stack POC Demo – Deploying a PHP App with AWS ELB layer on a PHP Application Server layer using an IAM account:

II. GCP POC Demos:
After working on AWS POCs, I started working on GCP POCs under the guidance of my coach. Following are the sample POCs.

GCP VM Vs AWS EC2 Comparison POC:

Creating a default Apache2 web page on Linux VM POC:

DB Table data creation POC:

Creating a NAT GATEWAY and testing connection from private VM using VPC Peering and custom Firewall rules and IAM policies:

WordPress Website Setup with MySQL POC on GCP VM:

Setting up HTTP Load balancer for a managed instance group with a custom instance template with backend health check and a front-end forwarding rule POC:

Some of Poonam’s demos: ; ; ;;;

We used to have periodical review calls: ;

To see progress, Some more can be seen along with her mock interview:;

Following are the JDs/mock interviews and other discussions,
I had with Bharadwaj [15+ Years Exp IT Professional]:
These are useful for any 10+ Years of IT experienced professional
to decide on the roadmap and take the coaching for their Career planning as second Innings:

  1. DevOps Architect partner-Mock Interview:
    This mock interview was done against to a DevOps Architect Practitioner [Partner]
    for a Consulting company JD, Where the candidate applied.
    You can see difference between a DevOps Engineer and this role:
  2. This video has the Mock interview with a DevOps Engineer for a JD of CA, USA based Product company.
    One can understand what capabilities are lacking in self through this JD.
    Each company will have their own JD, the requirement is different.
    We need to compare your present skills with it before you go for the F2F interviews.
    That way the Mock interviews are helpful to a job hunting candidate.
  3. Sr. SRE1-Mock interview with JD for Senior Site Reliability Engineer Role
    This interview was conducted against to the JD of a
    Sr. Site Reliability Engineer for Bay Area, CA, USA.
    The participant is with 4+Years of DevOp/Cloud experience with total 10+ years
    of global IT experience worked with different social/product companies.
    There are different JD points compared from his previous JD discussion points.
    These differences were highlighted and drilled down as client does it.
    In reality from each JD the interview process is different in live,
    one need to really practice with experienced mentors then only the confidence will be gained.
  4. SRE1-Mock interview with JD for Site Reliability Engineer Role
    SRE1-Mock interview with JD====>:
  5. This video has the Mock interview on a CA role, which is part1 discussion.
    You can find the Part2 in the same page [CA-Role-Mock Interview2].
  6. In continuation of the CA-Role-Mock Interview1. This has the balance of the discussion.:
  7. Most of the places the management is moving into Cloud the traditional infra.
    When do these activities they hire the Cloud Architect.
    Once the Cloud setup in under function, they started following the DevOps Process.
    Then the Cloud Architect is forced to have those skills also.
    Through this video one can learn, on my Stage1 and Stage2 Courses attending what
    they are achieving ?:

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