Mock interview: Cloud Infrastructure Automaton delivery and the skills gap

What is Cloud Infrastructure Automaton delivery and the skills gap ?

Watch this mock interview done for a Sr. QA Consultant:

For more details on our services discussion, you can visit the blog/video:


Cloud cum DevOps Coaching and Testing professionals demos:


In this Blog you can find the POCs/demos done and the discussion had with them by different testing professionals during my coaching:

[Praful]EBS Volume on Linux live scenario implementation demo: A developer needs his Mysql legacy Data setup on EC2[Linux] VM and should be shared to other developer through EBS volume

[Praful]-POC–>A developer needs his MySql legacy Data setup on EC2[Linux] VM and should be shared to other developer through EBS volume. This is a solution discussion video.

EBS Volume on Linux/Win live scenario discussion with Praful:

Why Praful is so keen to attend this one on one coaching and what was his past self practice experiences. You can see in the below video:

Poonam was working as [NONIT] Test Compliance Engineer, she moved to Accencture with 100%+ hikes CTC after this coaching:

How a Test Engineer can convert into Cloud automation role ?

As per the ISTQB certifications, the technical test engineer role is to do the test automation and setup the test environments. In the Cloud technology era, they need to perform the same activities in Cloud environments also. Most of the Technical role based people need to learn the Cloud Infrastructure building domain knowledge which is very essential. It will not come in a year or two. Through special coaching only it is possible to build the resource CAPABILITIES.

In the same direction the technical TEST ENGINEER can learn the Infra domain knowledge and also the code snippets with JSON to automate the Infra setup in Cloud. This role has tremendous demand in the IT Job Market. There are very few people globally with these skills as demand has very high and it is accelerating. Converting from the Test engineer role is very easier if they learn the infra conversion domain knowledge.

I am offering a coaching to convert the technical test engineers into Cloud Infra Automation. This course is going to be in 2-3 months duration as part time, with weekly 4-6 sessions. Offline they need to spend the practice on doing their Infra POCs with a daily 2-3 hours efforts. Once they complete this coaching to build them as Cloud Infra automation expert, I will help and push them into the open market to get the higher CTC. In India, I have helped to NON-IT people also.

For my recent students performance and their achievement in getting the Higher CTC, see their comments from the  below  URL:

Visit for my past reviews from IT and NON-IT Professionals:

To understand my Coaching methodology, see the below blog for a discussion video on a process chart:

AWS/DevOps: Part time Internships for IT Professionals – Interviews | Building Cloud cum DevOps Architects (

Connect me on linkedin if you are really keen in converting into this role for higher CTC. Follow the guidelines given on this site poster.;v=135tlDJovkcu0026amp;

Following are the JDs/mock interviews and other discussions,
I had with Bharadwaj [15+ Years Exp IT Professional]:
These are useful for any 10+ Years of IT experienced professional
to decide on the roadmap and take the coaching for their Career planning as second Innings:

  1. DevOps Architect partner-Mock Interview:
    This mock interview was done against to a DevOps Architect Practitioner [Partner]
    for a Consulting company JD, Where the candidate applied.
    You can see difference between a DevOps Engineer and this role:
  2. This video has the Mock interview with a DevOps Engineer for a JD of CA, USA based Product company.
    One can understand what capabilities are lacking in self through this JD.
    Each company will have their own JD, the requirement is different.
    We need to compare your present skills with it before you go for the F2F interviews.
    That way the Mock interviews are helpful to a job hunting candidate.
  3. Sr. SRE1-Mock interview with JD for Senior Site Reliability Engineer Role
    This interview was conducted against to the JD of a
    Sr. Site Reliability Engineer for Bay Area, CA, USA.
    The participant is with 4+Years of DevOp/Cloud experience with total 10+ years
    of global IT experience worked with different social/product companies.
    There are different JD points compared from his previous JD discussion points.
    These differences were highlighted and drilled down as client does it.
    In reality from each JD the interview process is different in live,
    one need to really practice with experienced mentors then only the confidence will be gained.
  4. SRE1-Mock interview with JD for Site Reliability Engineer Role
    SRE1-Mock interview with JD====>:
  5. This video has the Mock interview on a CA role, which is part1 discussion.
    You can find the Part2 in the same page [CA-Role-Mock Interview2].
  6. In continuation of the CA-Role-Mock Interview1. This has the balance of the discussion.:
  7. Most of the places the management is moving into Cloud the traditional infra.
    When do these activities they hire the Cloud Architect.
    Once the Cloud setup in under function, they started following the DevOps Process.
    Then the Cloud Architect is forced to have those skills also.
    Through this video one can learn, on my Stage1 and Stage2 Courses attending what
    they are achieving ?:

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