2. Cloud Defects:What kind of defects can be created without session management in ELB/Cloud ?

AWS-Session management-AD-FS

If you want to know the definition of session management, you can go through my blog and videos:


So now, as per this blog subject what kind of defects can be created under the below scenario:

Assume the Cloud Architect assumed the Application level session management is applied in their applications as per the development standards. So with this standards, they can track the sessions used by different users. So the ELB Session management is disabled under cost savings by the Cloud architect. But unfortunately, the past developers not followed the session management standards across the business modules. So when user is trying to create a checkout process in an e-commerce site, his session was appearing with timeout. So this should be the defect from the past application design level defect. So, the business users complained it as it is moved to Cloud the application is not working. So the issues were triggered against the Cloud team rather than the right communication was not followed in the project. The responsible CTO/CIO people never implemented such kind of review process to make sure the application details to supply in all aspects, for right Cloud services designing. Their focus was more on cost savings!!

My questions for Cloud Architect and their management is:

  1. Why did the Cloud Architect assumed without confirming from the right technical people on the session management used for all the modules ?
  2. Do the Cloud Architect need to know the application details also himself without having support from the top people ?
  3. When the Cloud Architect designed the cloud services plan, why the right [top] people did not review and realize it ?
  4. What kind of IT Governance was implemented or enforced here by the CTO/CIO with Cloud Transformation projects ?
  5. Did the management feel they need to safeguard all the role people in IT or just by putting pressure they do create the defects and finally they realize the process defects ? And ultimately pinks slips will be ready for wrong people to get fired ?
  6. What is the management maturity we can find in such kind of situations ?
  7. Did the management realize the Cloud roles correctly and completely and they supported them in this scenario ?

Caution to Cloud professionals:

Hope you as Cloud Architect, could catch what are the specifications you need to ask upfront when they ask you to create such kind of infra in Cloud. You and your team need to realize the Cloud professional role is not just to operate the screen flows as we learnt from the typical Cloud Trainings!! You need to understand the application domain knowledge also.

To know the real specifications for your role visit:

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