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AWS: What is CloudFormation ?

Watch this video for CF introduction:

This video has the demo on Cloudformation with IAC to create a simple EC2.

Please note; every Cloud/DevOps/Test Engineer need to drive the infra setup tasks through IAC scripts only, when they are advanced in infra setup understanding. For every infra setup tasks they should be able to step down to develop these IAC scripts by using different tools. In AWS, we can use CF, Terraform and Ansible very easily for the medium level config scripts building.

For a jumpstart of learning process, I have started building some videos on understanding the Infra scripts process through CF Templates with POCs/demos. Following link has these videos to watch and do self practice with CF.

Please follow my videos :

Once you are perfect you can choose any of the Infra CM Tools to write scripts and run for automated infra setup.

The samples are made with the below infra setup scenarios:

How to Create a simple WordPress website with CloudFormation[CF] in AWS ? :
In this POC exercise, we are using the Readily available template from the CloudFormation[CF] stacks with detailed lab steps in the below attached Video. There are two categories of WP infra building CF Templates mentioned in the CF stacks. In this example initially, I have taken the simple setup without Load balancer and Autoscale setup. The specifications/guidelines are given clearly to follow through video in the below blog:

How to create Lamp server setup in AWS by CF Template ?

See from the below video:

You can also watch;

How to create simple EC2 creation using CF YAML Code ?

I hope you have seen my AWS Coaching specimen on the URL:

Let us also be aware: Due to lacks of certified professionals are available globally in the market on AWS, to differentiate them on their needs/selection, most of the clients are asking on the real experience gained or aware of IAC. They give a Console and ask you to setup a specific Infra setup in AWS.

In my coaching I focus on the candidates to gain the real Cloud Architecture implementation experience rather than pushing the course with screen operations only to complete. Through my posted videos you can watch this USP.

Contact for your real Cloud experiences learning and gaining with me and crack the interviews to get offers in AWS Roles globally or even you can transition to the role in the same company after facing the client interview/selection process. Which is very easy with this knowledge.

Please connect me on FB and have a discussion on your background and the needs/goals. I am looking for the serious learners only by having dedicated time. If you are a busy resource on the projects please note; you can wait to become free to learn. One need to spend time consistently on the practice. Otherwise its going to be in no-use.

5. Cloud Defects:What could be the Reasons for traditional networks design defects – towards conversion into VPC ? [A video Discussion]

We have been designing and implementing the traditional networks for about an half decade.

But each of us used to design with our own thoughts or within the given delivery time we used to take short cuts to implement them without following the industry standards. The current IT governance has been grown incrementally into IT industry by doing numerous process improvements by tons of years of experiences.

Now, when we are trying to move the existing systems into cloud the top component need to be analyzed well, which is for Network domains in an organization. So obviously 80% of the networks were not designed as per the current standards. But when we observer the Cloud Services their VPCs are designed by following current standards. So for the current Cloud professionals, there will be a gap in understanding the traditional setup and the VPC planning/designing/implementing successfully.

In the below video these were discussed in some aspects, in a mentoring session towards network conversion and design of VPC.

So now, from the below chart; we will see what kind of defects can be created and the reasons under different management and team practices, and the work culture lacking scenarios.

If you are working in Cloud projects the below video might be for you to scale up with coaching and mentoring on AWS Solutions usage.
Read the above video description also.

One might have AWS-SAA certificate. But they need the domain knowledge also on how/where/when to use these AWS services with an in-depth gap analysis. So this coaching gives you that kind of feeling after completion. If you are really keen and ready to spend weekly 15+ hrs for self practice, this might be suitable to scale up in the Cloud era.

How to Initiate Cloud Conversion?: