Cloud/DevOps coaching: How the Course is organized for “Building Cloud cum DevOps Architect in one go ” ?

The overall two stages details are discussed in the below video.

You can find the outline of the Stage1 course in the below video.

Why one should do it ?

What they can achieve after the course ?

How this can be used for building a client POC ?

How it can help you to move into DevOps Automation also ?

You can also visit the below blogs:

Guys A NOTE for you:

How to Join in my Facebook groups to learn Cloud cum DevOps Concepts ?
For any Trainings many people conduct demos by catching the IT Professionals through their sales people. That demo denotes the trainer has the technical capabilities to handle the course for the attendees. In my coaching also I have followed the similar concept. But I don’t give demos by spending time, as I work as alone. In my case I have created the groups in Facebook: a) DevOps Practices Group, b) Cloud Practices Group c) Free Learning Agile/DevOps/AWS/AZ for freshers and IT Professionals. With few of the web pages by IT topic.

One can learn and assess them by joining. For more details you can watch this video. To join in them, you need to connect with me on FB and Linkedin and send a message. Then only you will be approved. This is a verification process to avoid fake ids.

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