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How A Cloud architect is different from DevOps role ?

vskumarcloud-build-cloud-architect.pngHow A Cloud architect is different from DevOps practices ?

We have been watching on lot of FB Groups and ad sites as “learn DevOps/AWS”. In general everybody believe with these stickers/posters they need to learn AWS and DevOps together is a must for any Modern technology professional.

When we talk about AWS and DevOps they are two different work streams.

Now, one might get the below questions in their mind.

  1. Is a Cloud Architect need to be expert to work on DevOps activities also ?
  2. What are the activities related to Cloud architect ?
  3. Why the Cloud architect need not bother on DevOps ?

Now, let us analyze them as below:

The role of the cloud architect is to migrate the existing IT infrastructure setup into the cloud services. The cloud services can be AWS or Azure or Google cloud [GC] or Alibaba, etc.

From the below picture one can have clarity if they have experience in traditional Infrastructure building  practice.

How to create AWS S3 Bucket

This role need to understand clearly on the usage of those vendor related [AWS/AZURE/GC/Alibaba] cloud services and should have command on mapping the current traditional infrastructure setup to map to the cloud services and plan/design for its transformation with the additional benefits to the management in view of cost and easy operation.

Once the modern application architecture/infrastructure in cloud is operational, then the management can think of introducing the DevOps practices.

To work on DevOps practices, each Cloud services vendor provides their own setup or tools at different processes or pipeline stages. To do these tasks a separate role professionals are required, who are called DevOps Engineers. At this point the role of the cloud Architect is he/she can guide them on the available infrastructure with the Cloud vendor. As per the Cloud architect planning/guidelines the DevOps engineers need to adopt the relevant tools/processes. Basically all the setup is going to be on IAC [Infrastructure As A Code] technics. There can be Configuration tools to create the IAC for different environments. At this point the Cloud architect can monitor these tools implementation as a part of cloud infrastructure implementation.

So, the Cloud architect do not need to make his/her fingers dirty with tools/commands to implement the DevOps processes.

For example; If you read the roles of AWS with different certifications, they mention Solution Architect [SA] separately from DevOps engineer role. They have multiple roles like; Sys ops, Developer, etc. All these roles need to be expert in making their fingers dirty with the relevant AWS services usage/implementation efficiently and effectively . But here the Cloud Architect [which is SA in view of AWS] role is to monitor on their activities only. He/She doesn’t need to put the fingers into techie stuff.

Hope I have given clarity for the above questions.

I get lot of enquiries; as they want to do AWS/DevOps both the courses together. I understood due to lot of training vendors are making their posters on social for their business, these experienced professionals are getting confusion as they need to learn both.

Now, I would like to ask the below questions to you as this blog reader after the above understanding;

Do a modern technology professional need to learn Cloud services and also the DevOps as mandatory ? [Ex: Which is DevOps/AWS].

Answer: It is not. They can choose One route only. If he/she came from the real work experience of Sysadmin/Sys engineer role, the past experiences need to be utilized efficiently in IT Industry. Hence the Scalable role is Cloud architect. In view of AWS it is SA. But they need to have very good command in understanding the traditional architecture and also the cloud services to establish a well suited conversion plan. This role person is responsible to  show ROI [Return On Investment] also to the management.

You can also compare the SAA Salary among all the roles being played with AWS:

See the difference on the salary amounts to seek your role as per your professional potentiality.

Question: In the current job market in the JDs they ask on DevOps also for Cloud role why ?

Answer: Please let us note; Many organizations they wanted to use the same resource for Cloud and DevOps Architect/Engineer role to save their IT budget. But they offer more salary for these multi skills. Not only this scenario, there are many companies use multi-cloud technology for their BCP. They will ask these skills also. The skills acceleration is mandated for every Professional now a days. The more skills you acquire the early, your CTC is going to touch the Sky ASAP.

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1. AWS IAC: How many ways you can use IAC for automation ?


In this Blog I would like to add my IAC related sessions at one place.

If you want to know what is IAC, scroll bottom. The past blog contents are also copied for definitions.

How do you plan an IAC [Infrastructure As Code] ?


When you are working for DevOps practices, the following question I would like to ask…

How do you plan an IAC [Infrastructure As Code] ?

You or your team member might be expert in Configuration tools.

But without having clear environment specifications these tools will not have any AI to get your environment.

When we do IAC as part of Devops practices, we also need to do identification of Infrastructure needs for different environments.

At that time one need to do the following activities also.

This is not only for a Cloud Architect, even for a DevOps practitioners it is mandatory.

Look into the discussion video mentioned in the below URL.

Please note unless you give specifications to DevOps Engineer he/she can not build sustainable environment.

Your prior planning is very essential.

Cloud architect: How to build your Infrastructure planning practice ?

Stage2: CodeBuild POC activities samples for AWS

Folks, Greetings!

In this blog, I would like to keep posting the relevant sample videos of Stage2 Course on CodeBuild of AWS.

There are different participants with different IT roles background, they attend my courses. Each participant might do differently the POCs and also their project reviews are totally different. You will see some of them here. Each video has a detailed description, that should give a clear picture on the series of the steps we follow during this AWS CodeBuild process. In the blog, I have continued from the CodeCommit phase onwards the POCs. You can also see the Stage2 Course contents discussion video in this blog.

You can see the basics of the DevOps process video links also in the video description.

In the below video, we have discussed on the POC review of CodeCommit in the 1st part and 2nd part there was introduction on the AWS CodeBuild.

You can see the below video on how the Cloud cum DevOps Architect coaching has been designed:

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FAQs on SDLC AND AGILE MODEL For Delivery and Programme management professionals

Please watch the below video:

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There are FAQs I have writtent for freshers interviews:

This video explains on how to invent and design a reusable code during Agile Sprint planning to save the cycle time. Given with an example of E-commerce site design by identifying its repeatable steps from the user operations.

Hope these will certainly give you a good solution for planning your project delivery in Agile.
I also coach the Delivery Managers, if needed please contact. On the above blogs web page my details are there.