How the Project SDLC Model conversion can be done – from Traditional [V-Model] to Agile ?


Many teams are being or going to be converted into Agile SDLC from V-model through different IT organizations as per the current IT trends.

When they are on Agile projects, if they do not get any detailed trainings by their organization before this model conversion starts. Their productivity will be slowed down due to lack of understanding on Agile process. They also get confusion on the terminology and Scrum teams process.

Hence one need to understand this conversion process before moving to Agile from V-Model.

I have drafted a comparision between these models and the project phases. This might help if any of you did not get Agile or model conversion training and if you are into Agile project already.  Please remember; you also need to compare with your organization’s SDLC guidelines/needs and follow them also.

At the same time please read all of my blog series for: SDLC & Agile – Interview questions for Freshers,  to know the steps involved in Agile project.

V Model

Question # 1. : During the conversion from V-model  to Agile model; how the User requirements are considered and into which phase of Agile it need to be considered ?

Ans: In Agile model the following phases are considered:

  1. Concept, B) Inception, C) Construction, D) Transition, E) Production, F) Retirement.

In V-model the phases are: A) User requirements [the UAT uses these for product certification], B) Software Requirement Specification-SRS [Being used for System testing], C) High Level Design-HLD [Used for Integration testing], D) Detailed Design Specification-DDS [Used for Integration testing], E) Coding [The code requirements also can be used for coding and during Unit testing these will be used].

  • From the V-Model; the User requirements are considered into the Inception phase.
  • And the Product owner [PO] develops the user stories against to these user requirements with the help of users.
  • The PO divide them into different iterations for SPRINT process as per the Agile model.
  • This will be done under the activities of “Initial Requirements Envisioning” and “Initial Architecture Envisioning”.Question # 2. : How the SRS can be converted from V-Model to Agile model ?


  • As per the Agile model the Inception phase should have the activities of “Initial Requirements Envisioning” and “Initial Architecture Envisioning”.
  • The PO should consider the user requirements and map these Software Requirements Specifications [SRS] to them in view of user stories and make a product Backlog [PB].
  • Once this is done the project [Scrum] teams should consider the PB to convert them into the SPRINT to deliver the software into different iterations.
  • On priority the SPRINTs are considered for delivery as per the Scrum process. Question # 3.: How the HLD and DDS are converted into Agile from V-model ?


  • As per the Agile model the Construction phase need to have the Current SPRINT.
  • The relevant design specifications need to be pulled into the relevant iterations to work on different SPRINT Cycles.Question # 4.: How the coding activity can be handled in Agile from V-model ?


  • Once the HLD and DDS are converted into different SPRINT cycles, the relevant components can be identified to allocate to the developers for coding activity under Construction phase of Agile.
  • The developers consider their delivery of work into different iterations by following Scrum process.
  • The relevant documentation is mandatory as per the Agile process.


Question # 5.: How the Integration Testing [IT] can be executed in Agile mode when you transform from V-Model ?


  • Once the SPRINT planning is done the coding and unit testing need to be completed by Scrum process.
  • Then the next activity can be IT.
  • This should be executed during Construction phase of Agile.
  • At this stage an initial System Testing is also possible as per the project need, before moving to Transition phase of Agile.

I hope this might give some level of understanding or confidence to move forward with your current Agile process/project.

Please feel free to contact for any of your project delivery support.

Vcard-Shanthi Kumar V

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