Cloud cum DevOps Coaching: K8-Kubernetes/Minikube/EKS demos and mock interviews.

This blog will show our students demos on the following:

  1. Docker containers/images.
  2. Minikube setup and the PODs usage in their applications.
  3. Their application running status using the K8/EKS Cluster.
  4. You will see the demos on Private and public cloud done by our sudents.
  5. Also, Discussed some of the Job Descriptions/Mock interviews of K8 Roles.

[SivaKrishna]->POC11-EKS01-K8-Nginx Web page:

[SivaKrishna]–>POC12-EKS02-K8-Web page-Terraform:

Following demo contains a Private cloud setup by using a local laptop Minikube setup. It is a demo on an inventory application modules running using K8 PODs:

Cloud cum DevOps coaching for job skills –>latest demos

What is the role of Principal-Kubernetes Architect on a hybrid Cloud ?

A discussion:

What is the role of PAAS DevOps Engineer on Azure Cloud ?

Watch this JD Discussion.

Mock interview done for DevOps Engineers with K8 Experience:

Sumit Pal is a working DevOps Engr. Its a real profile. I interviewed him on K8-Kubernetes

In real job world exploration is very limited but in our coaching your will do the POCs with the possible combinations. This way your knowledge is accelerated to explore more Job interviews.

A Mock-Interview on a CTO Profile:

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