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Cloud cum DevOps coaching: AWS Landing zone and its setup


There are series of discussions on AWS Landing zone, I am sharing them through this blog. They will be posted once session is completed. We are working till its setup [in 2 to 4 months duration]. You can also visit the relevant FB Page from the below videos:

 1. What is AWS Landing Zone ?

2. What are the AWS Landing Zone Components and its framework ?

3. What is AWS Vending Machine from Landing Zone ?

Cloud cum DevOps Coaching: How ITIL4 Can be aligned with DevOps ?

Folks, This is for ITSM Practiced people who wants to transform into Digital transformation with reference to ITIL4 Standards/practices/guidelines.

Cloud cum DevOps Coaching:

The Cloud architects are mandated to implement the latest ITSM practices. The discussion of ITSM is a part of a Cloud Architect building activity.

In these series of sessions we are discussing the ITIL V4 Foundation material. The more focus is on how the Cloud and DevOps Practices can be aligned with ITIL4 IT Practices and Guidelines. There will be lot of live scenarios discussions to map to these ITIL4 practices. You can revisit the same FB page for future sessions. You can see every week-end 30 minutes session each day [SAT/SUN].

How ITIL4 Can be aligned with DevOps-Part1: This is the first session:

ITIL4: Part2->What is Value Creation ?:

ITIL4-Part3- What is Value Co-creation ?:

ITIL4-Part4-What is “Configuring Resources ” ?:

ITIL4-Part5-What is “Outcomes” ?:

ITIL4-Part6-The four dimensions of ITIL ?

How technology is aligned ?:

ITIL4-Part7-IT dimension of ITIL ? :

The role of Sr. DevOps Director with ITSM: