SDLC & Agile – Interview questions for Freshers -8

In continuation of my previous blog [#7] on this subject following questions and answers are continued:

  1. What are the steps the Product owner follows before adding to the product backlog?

Ans: The Product Owner [PO] follows the below steps before adding to the product backlog :

  • The PO writes the customer-centric items, they are called as User stories.

  • The PO prioritizes them based on their importance and dependencies.
  • once the above steps are completed the PO adds them to product backlog.

  • Sometime these are also called as Product Backlog Items [PBIs].

    2. What is a core responsibility of a product owner [PO] ?

    Ans: The product owner [PO] needs to make sure Communication is his/her core responsibility while following the Scrum process.

    3. What kind of ability the product owner [PO] need to demonstrate to steer product development in the right direction ?

    Ans: The product owner [PO] need to have ability to convey priorities of PBIs. PO need to empathize team members and collaborate with stakeholders while steering the product development in the right direction.

    4. What is the responsibility of development team in a Scrum process ?Ans: The Development Team’s responsibility is to deliver potentially shippable or releasable increments of product at the end of each Sprint (which is the Sprint goal).

     5.  In A Scrum process, what is the typical development team size and what activities will be performed by them ?

    Ans: In Scrum process, the development team is made up of 3–9 individuals. They do the actual work related to the activities; Analyze, Design, Develop, Test, Technical communication, Documentation, etc.

     6. In A Scrum process, how the development team need to be functioned ?

    Ans: Development Teams are cross-functional [across projects/teams], with all of their skills as a team necessary to create a Product Increment. They are also self-organized people.

    7. Who facilitates the Scrum and who is accountable to remove impediments towards delivering the product goals and deliverables ?

    Ans: Scrum is facilitated by a Scrum Master, who is accountable for removing impediments to the ability of the team to deliver the product goals and deliverables.

    8. Is a Scrum Master an IT Manager ?

    Ans: The Scrum Master is ;

  • not a traditional team lead or
  • not a project manager or
  • not an IT Manager. He/she acts as a buffer between the team during scrum meeting. 9. What the Scrum Master need to ensure in view of the team ?Ans: The Scrum Master ensures that the Scrum framework is followed within the team. 10. What kind of help can be seen from a Scrum Master by the teams ?

    Ans: The Scrum Master helps to ensure the team follows the agreed processes in the Scrum framework, often facilitates key sessions, and encourages the team to improve.


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    This video explains on how to invent and design a reusable code during Agile Sprint planning to save the cycle time. Given with an example of E-commerce site design by identifying its repeatable steps from the user operations.

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