AWS VPC S3-End Point: Trouble shoot for defects also

AWS VPC S3-End Point: Trouble shoot for defects also


User requirement: The development team needs the S3 Access in private Linux EC2s. They need a separate VPC with S3 End point setup. IAM role need to be given to the developers to access S3 files from EC2 through AWS CLI.

Doing the typical VPC-S3 End point is a normal way. But we tried a different way. We documented the Infra design steps. By following them, we breaked those design steps and demonstrated how the defects can be created at different levels.

So one can learn how the defects can be flown around, in this steps journey. So that the live issues can be understood easily.

Please note; one more thing. The demo participant is from NON-IT, She learnt a lot during this course with weekly 20+ hours dedication. And once the manual infra demo is given, in few days she will come up with IAC scripts demo for the same setup. During the coaching I filter NON-IT People also for their dedication/hard work and prove and learn attitude to utilize my coaching well. Definitely such people are very valid resources for IT organizations. As long as the management understand these people capability, they are not the competitors and no need of doing fake in profiles. There are so many NON-IT dedicated and honest people ready to convince on the interviews comparing to the proxy guys.

You can watch the demo from the below video:

Some more videos from the same participant can be seen below:

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