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Layoffs and Cloud Engineers Experiences


I talk to global IT Professionals on weekly basis.

Many Cloud/DevOps professionals they contact me for professional guidance.

I spoke to some of the Laid-off Cloud Engineers. Their experiences faced from the day one of Cloud/DevOps learning to till the next job trial, they spoke to me.

Some of them I have narrated into my videos, I am sharing those for my blogs/videos viewers: https://www.facebook.com/101806851617834/videos/1022506348212469

Folks, Please see the below video on what is a competency building in IT?

Visit the below blogs also for knowledge purpose:


Also see the below video to know the market need and analysis of the activities:

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GCP: POCs/Tasks/Trouble shoot session for interviews


I do coaching on Multi Cloud services to build the Cloud cum DevOps professionals.

Please note, I also build the presales Engineers for Cloud services.

In this blog you can find my GCP sessions with my participants with trouble shooting also.

These are the hardcore screening sessions for interviews. Hence don’t miss. If you want to join for GCP course please follow the mentioned process on my web page.

You can also visit my GCP related blogs/videos from the below URLs:


Please note; there is internship also under Stage1 and Stage2 levels to build you as Cloud cum DevOps Architect. Visit the below blog:

AWS/DevOps: Part time Internships for IT Professionals – Interviews | Building Cloud cum DevOps Architects (vskumar.blog)