DevOps Practices & FAQs -4[ for DevOps and Test Engineers]

During DevOps, you will have Test engineer and DevOps engineer roles. Typically these two roles need to work collaboratively to identify and classify the issues.

How the Test Engineers need to monitor the activities or tasks ?

How the DevOps engineer can catch the IAC issues ? [Those are the environmental issues].

To get the answers; both of these roles need to understand the Test monitoring activities in depth.

The attached video talks on those tasks.



Just I pulled my ISTQB Advanced Test Analyst class video to educate the DevOps Group.

If some of you do not know these two roles tasks during DevOps, please visit the below video:

in this video I have explained on the activities and tasks of DevOps roles. I have explained in it why that task should be done by that role. How the Developers, Test engineers, DevOps Engineers, Users and Ops Engineers are connected to work together as a team, as per Agile manifesto. One can get clear idea on DevOps implementation. To automate these tasks DevOps tools are very much required. Hence now the DevOps market is running behind the tools.

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Below image can denote the transition of IT development cycles till DevOps practice with continuous operation [automated]:


DevOps Movement


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