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For IT Corporates:How to save your IT traditional Infra work force to accelerate ROI ?

For Corporate Training division/unit only [not to their vendors] please!

Folks Greetings!

How to Convert your existing infra teams into AWS with POCs easily to prove in client interviews through seasoned mentors?

In the Current IT Trend, new technologies are getting transformed with cheaper cost in view of man power, operations and infra. In such case some companies might feel to serve pink slips to the traditional employees. But when you recruit new staff how much you spend on them ? And if you coach the existing staff to transform into new era, what will be the cost and ROI ? I do this kind of resources transformation activities on my own by coaching the experienced IT Professionals on new technology like; AWS Cloud, etc. For example, you can see my blog/coaching videos on my coaching for 10-15+ yrs global IT Folks:

The below blog is the latest one. You will be able to connect to the current Global IT needs and what I offer:




If any corporate is serious in looking to sustain their traditional staff and reuse them efficiently/effectively, I will be there behind them to support till they transform into their client requirement/project for billability. Looking forward for your cost savings exercise response.

Please Note:There is a difference between training and coaching or building teams for projects. For your existing IT Professionals you need to give coaching [through seasoned professionals] not the training. Then they will be productive.

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