AWS Multiple Job Descriptions[JDs] & Discussions

AWS Multiple Job Descriptions[JDs] & Discussions:

With my course/coaching participants, I keep discussing the different Cloud cum DevOps roles by pulling the JDs from the job portals. This activity can create them to identify their skills gaps to fulfill from my coaching and to target the higher pay jobs.

In this blog periodically, I will upload the JDs of Cloud/DevOps roles discussion videos.

The interested people can keep visiting this blog in future.

A cloud admin role:


You can see the interview preparation POC discussion, for one of the Cloud Engineer’s role:

Visit the relevant blog on the above POCs complete solution:

And if you really keen in learning and moving fast with one on one coaching, you should visit the below blog to make strategic decision with commitment after seeing the videos from the below blogS:

You can see the participants dedication from their serious demos and the periodical review calls with consistent progress.

Please note, I build the Cloud presales professionals also. The eligibility  to accept the candidate is: a) Should have MBA, b) Should have worked on IT presales activity, c) Should have learnt AWS/GCP. Minimum two cloud basic services knowledge is required to do the POCs. Then you will be screened on the above before accepting for an internship. Visit the below blogs also to see how the past candidates worked hard and performed exceptionally through this coaching.

Note these role people are the primary people among the technical people to be focused to the clients by the sales people in an IT company. Hence their competency is very valuable.

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