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What is a cloud screen operation and what is an activity in cloud infra ?

What is a cloud screen operation and what is an activity in cloud infra ?


There are crores of people have been attending online/offline training on Cloud and DevOps globally.

But Do we know what is a screen operation ?

What is a project activity ?

What is the difference between these ?

In this below blog; I have given some elaboration on them to know the real differences. This can help the people who say they are experts on AWS Screen operations.

If they have experienced the interviews this can give clarity why the interviewers asked them some job oriented tasks related questions, but not the screen operations.

Now, Let us take AWS.

You want to create a VM which is EC2 service. You need to understand its screen operations to launch the default VM. Yes you know very well through numerous trainings you attended.

But when I come to my second question;

What is the use of this EC2 machine ?

What for I need to use ?

Where can I use in my infrastructure building activity ?

How to connect in  a network ?

How to share that machine access to different developers ?

If we have a 3-tier application how to build in  a cloud ?

How can I do internal networking ?

How can I do external networking from my account to other accounts ?

What are the best practices I can use to build the cost effective infrastructure ?

Finally, how to automate this

Offcourse, these are live activities on need to answer in an interview and perform those for right delivery.

But my next question is how to learn these gaps and move forward into the job roles ?

You need to learn the Infra domain knowledge. And build some kind of proof of concept [POC] projects through experienced mentors.

In this video the traditional IT roles are discussed along with their tasks. And how these roles are transformed into a Cloud Engineer to handle by single person who has extensive infra domain and Cloud services knowledge to build the various setup. Watch the below discussion video with an experienced IT professional:


This video has the Traditional Infrastructure building analysis. How to setup a new Infrastructure for an E-commerce in Traditional manner ? What are the Activities we might do ? When we plan for the same Infra building in a Cloud setup what are the high level activities ?:

For all the above solutions, please visit my consolidated blog and connect with my on linked [Name: Shanthi Kumar V] to chat with you first, to assess you for this coaching.



Wish you good luck in your IT Career.