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Cloud cum DevOps Job role Coaching: How an intranet site can be designed in AWS ?


Most of the corporates have their internal applications running on their private networks. They give access to their employees through an intranet site. In this POC we did setting up such site with two networks and private subnets.

There are some more combinations also can be tried. Keep visiting this blog for future POCs on this subject.

For other combinations, with one VPC you can see the below single POC videos in 2 parts:

Part-1: How to build Intranet site with single VPC ?

Part-1: How to build Intranet site with single VPC ?

Part2:How the intranet site can be built with private networks?:

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This video explains the current IT needs also:

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If you are keen in getting this kind of results, first you need to understand our coaching methods. To know these details, there are discussion videos in the below blog watch them and make a decision for your career goals:

This video explains the current IT needs also:

Cloud cum DevOps Coaching: I am glad; my students are getting offers with great hikes


I am glad to share this;

My students have started attending calls with top notch companies.

And getting offers, without a single word or sentence faking in their resume.

Just they mentioned my coaching details and the POCs what they have presented, in their resume.

They are getting above 60% hikes as initial offer. The hiring managers are offering them second hike also after few months of their performance.

Infact, In every interview the Technical panel is honoring them and their Internship very well. This is the market response for my coaching/mentoring.

This is a great news for them and their hard work. I would like to share.

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What is my Internship Programme ?

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