AWS POCs: Migrations from on Premises


Are you intending to stick on to IT Cloud Profession ?

Are you from technical background and going to work in Cloud ?

Then see this.

There are presales-engineers also attended my courses.

These roles need to do many demos to the clients.

On live, there are many migration activities for a Cloud Engineer to do.

At the same time the presales teams also will be asked by the clients to demo a POC.

I am trying to present some of the scenarios through the below blog.

These are done by my course participant as POCs.

In this blog, you can see the on-premises migration activities demos.

[there are many like this, samples only shared].

The typical Migration activities in any Cloud:

A developer wanted his Vmware VM which has Jenkins server with jobs, need to be placed in AWS Cloud. Watch the below video for a demonstrated solution.

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