Please Note!! all the current IT infra setups are mandated to migrate into cloud… due to their BIG savings on IT budgets..with Cloud.

You can also see the PTI news in the given blog for the size of the Cloud 

jobs in India by 2022:

So to catch the market or scale yourself in IT Cloud needs, you need to learn it.

1. If you are looking for Conversion into AWS Cloud Architect Job role, with your Sys/Network/Storage/DB admin role;

2. Please look into this!! This is valuable and great opportunity for you!! to step down into it.

3. There are many IT professionals globally converting through right mentors, from Traditional role into this role to catch up the global IT market demand!! to sustain in IT Payrolls…….!!

4.Please come back for a discussion, after all the below links/blogs/videos walk-through thoroughly.
If interested to convert, Please ping me on FB messenger by sharing your linkedin profile in advance to our chat/discussion.
Good luck!!



You can also compare the SAA Salary among all the roles being played with AWS:


AWS SSA salary is higher than any other roles in AWS.


Also please note;

  1. Being experienced IT Professional, I don’t give live projects like training companies.
  2. Because I don’t handle any AWS client projects just for this course.
  3. But as per the IT delivery life cycle standards we will create some Proof of Concept projects during this course, which can be used for a client demo later by you.
  4. You as Cloud architect, will be able to take-up/handle confidently the client projects after this course.
  5. At the same time, I don’t place anybody after coaching. After learning you need to expose the international IT Job market.
  6. If interested on this learning please come to a call to discuss the same by booking time with a scheduled call.


For more details on course samples, visit the following blogs/videos/Feedback also.

What are the skills required for a Cloud Architect ? [From Gartner report – 2017]

Visit the recent student feedback on this course:

It was from one of the working IT Professionals interview on my course. He has 9.5 yrs sysadmin experience. He answered the below questions:

1. What did you expect from my course before joining ?

2. How did you feel on the material ?

3. How did you feel on explanation ?

4. How did you feel on the chapter wise questions practice ?

5. Did you get any job experience feeling from my course ?

6. If your current company put you on AWS tasks also, what is your confidence level ?

7. Finally, what is your target for your exam prep ?

8. How are you going to RE-use material ?

9. How are you going to RE-use Lab sessions ?

In some of my Youtube videos you can find his attended sessions also!!

You can see from the below Facebook page also:

This is available on my youtube channel also:


Another student discussion on “Course on AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional“, after attending AWS-SAA course.

Following are the samples of my previous classes with 10+ yrs experienced Sys-admin IT Professionals:

You can also visit my youtube channel: Shanthi Kumar V

How to plan on “moving your DB backups to AWS S3-Glacier [cold storage]” ?



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