30. DevOps: Jenkins 2.9-How to remove and re-Install Jenkins 2.9 for Windows 10 with trial job test ?

  Through this video I have demonstrated the following steps: 1. Removing Jenkins from the Laptop/Desktop of Windows10 OS. 2. Installed it as fresh setup on the same machine of Windows10 OS. 3. Played around with 2 jobs creation through Build now. https://youtu.be/lciTHyxCgfE Also visit: https://vskumar.blog/2018/02/26/15-devops-how-to-setup-jenkins-2-9-on-ubuntu-16-04-with-jdk8/ https://vskumar.blog/2018/03/03/17-devops-working-with-git-on-ubuntu-16-04-vm/    

29. DevOps: How to access internet through Vmware VM Bridge setup ?

  Through this video I showed on “How to access internet through Virtual Machine of Vmware”. The required steps for setup is demonstrated along with the played options.     https://youtu.be/pcmaRXF_Qc8