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DevOps Practices coaching

Coaching on DevOps Practices —–>

This coaching is meant for DevOps Managers and above positions only…

  1. Please walk-through the below chart for your DevOps practices implementation. These are nowhere connected with any specific DevOps tools. Just practices implementation only to show your velocity in DevOps complianced projects execution.  
  2. These are the best practices used by the DevOps successful implementation organizations.
  3. Who need to learn these?: If you are already working as DevOps professional, [Ex: DevOps engineer, Practitioner, Architect, Practice head, Related to DevOps implementation, etc.] and your organization is demanding/targeted to demonstrate its [DevOps implementation] velocity then you need to accelerate your speed in catching up the knowledge on several areas for  continuous improvements.
  4. Note; you also need to apply continuous learning or seek coaching to speedup your productivity through experienced professionals.

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DevOps Patterns


Please note this course doesn’t contain Tools. Only Practices.

There is a separate topic “DevOps Automation”, you need to attend it.

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