2. AWS IAC-YAML: How to work with CF for various infrastructures setup ?

Folks, Many companies are doing the IAC activity during Cloud migration itself, to avoid future cloud infra issues.
You can see the CF Introduction and a demo:
If you want to learn the JSON/YAML Code along with AWS manual Infra Domain setup [practice coaching], watch this and connect with me ASAP to join in late evening [IST time] batch. Watch the below sessions also. By attending these sessions for your practice ,It saves lot of your future efforts and its easy to demonstrate the demanding skills in interviews to grab offers on your own globally. Connect with me as its mentioned in the web site main page by following the screening process for both of us.

In this blog, you can find some of my student(s) POCs automation using YAML Scripts with AWS services. [Keep visiting this blog for updates].

For continuation watch the below video also:

<==== You can learn the IAC usage Combinations from the below content =====>

An Apache2 setup with a customized VPC,  YAML code analysis discussion through CF you can see from the below video:




In this Blog I would like to add my IAC related sessions at one place.

If you want to know what is IAC, scroll bottom. The past blog contents are also copied for definitions.

How do you plan an IAC [Infrastructure As Code] ?


When you are working for DevOps practices, the following question I would like to ask…

How do you plan an IAC [Infrastructure As Code] ?

You or your team member might be expert in Configuration tools.

But without having clear environment specifications these tools will not have any AI to get your environment.

When we do IAC as part of Devops practices, we also need to do identification of Infrastructure needs for different environments.

At that time one need to do the following activities also.

This is not only for a Cloud Architect, even for a DevOps practitioners it is mandatory.

Please note unless you give specifications to DevOps Engineer he/she can not build sustainable environment.

Your prior planning is very essential.

Cloud architect: How to build your Infrastructure planning practice ?


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