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Freshers demos: on AWS Linux/DB/Network tasks through Coaching


I have various students for my job oriented coaching on Cloud/DevOps.

In this blog, You can see the below freshers demos through coaching. Keep visiting for my periodical insertions of future demos.

  1. MYSQL Installation and data insertion/query on EC2-Ubuntu:

Visit: https://www.facebook.com/105391198066786/videos/295517278832146

2. How to purge MYSQL from EC2-Ubuntu ?

Visit: https://www.facebook.com/105391198066786/videos/484580066201283

3. How to setup MYSQL in EC2-Windows server ?

Visit, for

Mysql setup on EC2-Win server demo -Part1 :


Mysql setup on EC2-Win server demo -Part2:

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4. S3 Bucket and CMD operations from EC2 with IAM UID:

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5. A typical S3 Static web page demo:

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6. How to work with AMIs ?:


7. How to use CSV data into MYSQL of EC2 Linux ?

8. How to download a file from EC2 to Local Laptop ?

9. How to install Mongodb in a Private EC2 through NAT Gateway ?

10. How to install MYSQL in a Private EC2 through NAT Instance ?

11. Installing MYSQL on EC2-Win 2019 server Through default VPC:

12. How to do a 2-Tier Architecture App setup with NAT Gateway through Windows 2019 EC2s along with a web page ?

13. Creating WP site with 2-tier Architecture in a VPC

Study the sample live requirements: