TOP 20 AWS Autoscale get ready Interview questions and answers

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AWS Auto Scaling is a service that helps users automatically scale their Amazon Web Services (AWS) resources based on demand. Auto Scaling uses various parameters, such as CPU utilization or network traffic, to automatically adjust the number of instances running to meet the user’s needs.

The architecture of AWS Auto Scaling includes the following components:

  1. Amazon EC2 instances: The compute instances that run your application or workload.
  2. Auto Scaling group: A logical grouping of Amazon EC2 instances that you want to scale together. You can specify the minimum, maximum, and desired number of instances in the group.
  3. Auto Scaling policy: A set of rules that define how Auto Scaling should adjust the number of instances in the group. You can create policies based on different metrics, such as CPU utilization or network traffic.
  4. Auto Scaling launch configuration: The configuration details for an instance that Auto Scaling uses when launching new instances to scale your group.
  5. Elastic Load Balancer: Distributes incoming traffic across multiple EC2 instances to improve availability and performance.
  6. CloudWatch: A monitoring service that collects and tracks metrics, and generates alarms based on the user’s defined thresholds.

When the Auto Scaling group receives a scaling event from CloudWatch, it launches new instances according to the user’s specified launch configuration. The instances are automatically registered with the Elastic Load Balancer and added to the Auto Scaling group. When the demand decreases, Auto Scaling reduces the number of instances running in the group, according to the specified scaling policies.

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