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My Kindle and Kobo books

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Following  are my Kindle books.  

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What is A typical LSS Implementation strategy ?

In my previous LSS blogs, you might have seen the following:

How Lean Six Sigma [LSS] is useful to the organizations ?

What is Lean Six Sigma [LSS] Organization ? 

Now, there might be a question for you on “What will be the LSS implementation ?” In this blog I am covering on “A typical LSS implementation strategy for a desired LSS practices organization”. Most of the well planned and successful LSS practices organizations use the following paths:

  • Developing LSS strategy
  • Create LSS awareness
  • Organizational culture role out to LSS
  • Institutionalize the LSS

The following figure depicts the details of the above paths. LSS-Implementation strategy

How to initiate a cloud transformation? Watch video

I have made a video on this blog and posted on youtube URL:

vskumar Cloud Blogs


Current IT setup before cloud


 Cloud evaluation-chart

Initiate-Page3Initiate-Page4   On the above content explanation I have made a video and posted  on youtube URL:

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