DevOps Practices & FAQs -1

Do you think Agile practices are mandatory to implement DevOps Practices ?

Yes, Agile practices bring Continuous delivery [CD] of business requirements through SPRINT. Then these will be converted into different software code and infrastructure. These will be verified and deployed into the production systems.

Fundamental process of SPRINT is; if user gives a requirement to product owner; it will

be decomposed into small chunks of requirements and they will be considered into different SPRINTs [a set of Small technical requirements, where these can be fixed or enhanced in few hours; ex: include or update a formula] and will be presented for verification.

When the DevOps practices are getting implemented; these SPRINTs can be considered to deploy into different technical environments for validating the build and in turn they will be qualified to move into production. This  is an ongoing process by following Continuous Delivery integration [CDI] of Agile. If many developers are there in a Business unit there can be many builds and the users do not need to wait for all of them to complete. The CD can happen. So whichever is completed first it should be delivered. During the CDI the DevOps engineers role is to package the software code and deploy the builds for verification and later on to production. In their activity journey  many tasks can be repeatable. This repeatable activity can be automated with the So called DevOps tools to save manual efforts. This can reduce the deployment cycle time and at the same time total SPRINT delivery time reduction can happen. So the business benefit can be achieved, by pushing the build of specific user requirement faster.

With all the above, without having Agile practices, you can not jump into DevOps practices right away. The people practices on Agile is also very essential.

So if your organization is not having Agile practices in place there is no point of thinking DevOps practices. This can come under old IT tradition.

Look into the below videos on the importance and advantages of DevOps conversion to an IT Company:


Below image can denote the transition of IT development cycles till DevOps practice with continuous operation [automated]:


DevOps Movement


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