31. DevOps: Jenkins-How to use Backup/Restore using thinbackup plugin ?


Through this video I have demonstrated the below steps using Jenkins and its thinkbackup plugin process/usage.

=== Steps used in video ====>

How to take jenkins backup ?
1. You need to configure the thinbackup plugin.
2. Search for that plugin in
Manage Jenkins option.
3. Click on Available tab. It shows the locally
available plugins.
4. Then goto filter and type the plugin name as
5. Now let us check it. You can see the icon,
it is installed.
6. Once you have this, you can explore it.
7. Please note you also need to configure
8. Now, let us configure the backup.
After that we can use backupnow option to
take a backup. It stores on the given path.
So, we should use settings.
9. Now, let us test one backup …
10. Let us check the backup file…
11. Observe the created jobs are there…
12. Now, let me run a build..
13.Created 8th Build.
14. Now let me take the new backup…
15. Now, let me use restore to restore
the past build.
16.See the current build history …
17. I am picking up the 1st it was
made in the beginning…
18. Now, let us verify the jenkins
system jobs/builds.
19. It is overwritten on the existing jobs..
20. Let us delete some jobs and restore
the 8thbuild backup.
21. Let me try to restore the latest backup
which has the 8thbuild …
22. Let us restart the server to use the
latest restore …. Let me pause you …
23. It is ready to login … let us test it..
24. Please Note;
When restored it unzipped and kept the files.
When we restarted the jenkins server
it pickedup those files only.
We can see the 8th build is there.
25. From this exercise and trouble shoot,
we can conclude:
i) We need to use thinbackup plugin to
setup backup/restore process.
ii. Initially we use backup plugin and
later we can setup restore setup after
configuring the backup options.

iii. And when we restore a particular build
we need to restart the jenkins server.
That is all for this exercise..



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