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FAQs-working IT-people

I hope you have seen my AWS Coaching specimen on the URL:

Due to lacks of certified professionals are available globally in the market, to differentiate them on their needs/selection, most of the clients are asking on the real experience gained or aware of it on the candidate what he/she has ?

In my coaching I concentrate to gain the real Cloud Architecture implementation experience by the participant rather than pushing the course to them. Verify the videos.

Contact for your real Cloud experiences learning and gaining with me and crack the interviews to get offers in AWS Roles globally or even you can transition to the role in the same company after facing the client interview.
Please connect me on FB and have a discussion on your background and the needs/goals. I am looking for the serious learners.

For more details on course samples, visit the following blogs/videos/Feedback also.

What are the skills required for a Cloud Architect ? [From Gartner report – 2017]

Visit the recent student feedback on this course:

It was from one of the working IT Professionals interview on my course. He has 9.5 yrs sysadmin experience. He answered the below questions:

1. What did you expect from my course before joining ?

2. How did you feel on the material ?

3. How did you feel on explanation ?

4. How did you feel on the chapter wise questions practice ?

5. Did you get any job experience feeling from my course ?

6. If your current company put you on AWS tasks also, what is your confidence level ?

7. Finally, what is your target for your exam prep ?

8. How are you going to RE-use material ?

9. How are you going to RE-use Lab sessions ?

In some of my Youtube videos you can find his attended sessions also!!

You can see from the below Facebook page also:

This is available on my youtube channel also:

Analyze AWS Solutions Architect – Associate Exam Guide series-1:
You can find the analysis through this discussion video with a Built Solutions Architect:

Another student discussion on “Course on AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional“, after attending AWS-SAA course.

Following are the samples of my previous classes with 10+ yrs experienced Sys-admin IT Professionals:

You can also visit my youtube channel: Shanthi Kumar V

How to plan on “moving your DB backups to AWS S3-Glacier [cold storage]” ?

Part time Freelance IT training sales and marketing experienced people are required



I am looking for part time Freelance IT training sales and marketing experienced people on commission based. Ping me on FB []with your details, we will chat offline to know your capabilities.

You need to apply to this job from the below FB Link:


1. You need to consider for your marketing and sales “the AWS and DevOps certification courses [as per the AWS prescribed syllabus] ” to gather the international working IT professionals.

2. You will be provided the course samples from the past classes, past students feedback and the TOC details with course fee.

3. Your responsibility is to form a batch and run it for classes successfully.

4. Your commission will be paid as and when the installment is paid by the student. 

5. One of your critical responsibilities is; you need to make sure the student continue on the course till its end.

6. You need to keep marketing the courses and enroll the students.

7. There will be monthly 2-3 batches at different time intervals. So you don’t need to worry on your earnings. It should be more than the regular job as long you do your activity perfectly till end of the course.

Your eligibility:

  1. You should have done this kind of job for IT trainings marketing and sales atleast for last 4 years.
  2. You should have mobilized the batches for your past employers or clients.
  3. I am looking for the fair and honest guys.


I have been doing myself  the end to end process for AWS, DevOps and ISTQB coaching since years. The reason of opting for you is to have a dedicated role. The more you are active the senior IT professionals are very attracted by my course. They get more ROI after attending this course rather than a typical tools trainings.  Unfortunately, due to lack of time to follow up with them, I lost many students. Hence I have made this role as mandated to hire some capable person. If you have expertise in it, please contact me ASAP with your profile.

Please look for my details on my linkedin:

Please connect me on linkedin before chatting on FB.

Marketing & Slales people.png

If you want to about me, watch this video:

About me

If you want to know about my Coaching , for which you will bring the IT Professionals:

Are you safe as A Cloud architect on the role ?


Are you safe as A Cloud architect on the role ?

Why the Certified AWS-Solutions Architects are being served Pinkslips ?
What could be the reasons ?
Do they understand the role clearly what the Client expects ?
Why the management is so aggressive to prove the Cloud implementation as per Schedule with ROI ?
Once the Cloud Migration Schedule is started why the IT Budget is freezed ?
Why do they attempt on Contractors as 1st instance to cut the staff ?

What the IT services companies can do with the Client terminated contracts ?

Please read the below content patiently and watch videos for solutions to protect your current Cloud role. Connect with me on linkedin to get a special coaching to rebuild your current role as per your client expectations.

Please visit the below  URLs:

Also, Visit:

If you want to know the size of the Cloud job market globally, visit:


To know the real articulation of SA, Visit for my AWS SAA sessions videos:

For freshers/OPTs: For Agile/DevOps/AWS training contact for schedules

For course:

  1. This is for OPTs and the Indian colleges fresh graduates who came/passed out in 2019.

  2. who are self driven and try for jobs with the given skills learning without getting into somebody shoes, come and get trained. You wouldn’t see the labs as demos. You will be practicing the labs as per the coacher guidelines with his watching. So that you will gain the technical competency with self confidence.

  3. A new batch is planned in a cost effective way. Contact in the given FB links from the blog. Good luck in your job search and in IT profession.

  4. Also, visit the below blogs for  AWS Basic course and the AWS-DevOps:
  6. If you are keen in doing a fast track course to attack the job market instead of learning by self for months together and  getting struck to move forward, you can opt for #4 and #5.  Read the videos descriptions also. The contact details are given on this web page logo.

For specimen sessions you can watch the below videos:

  1. Agile: What are Agile manifesto Principles & How they can be used for SW ?
  2. Agile: What are the phases of Agile Project ?
  3. Agile: What is Disciplined Agile Delivery[DAD] ?
  4. Agile: What is Model Storming ?
  5. Agile: What is Scrum Framework and its roles ?

Free-orientation-for Freshers-2019

Join in the below group to follow the above guidelines:

This group is meant only for freshers/OPTs coaching on the topics mentioned in the group Logo. You can forward to your circles who all came out from college for latest passed out year. They need to provide evidences as they are from latest batch only. The FB ID need to have photo with profile details. With these specs only they are allowed in this group.

For course: This is for OPTs and the Indian college graduate who came/passed out in 2019. who are self driven and try for jobs with the given skills learning without getting into somebody shoes, come and get trained. A new batch is planned in a cost effective way. Contact in the given FB links from the blog. Good luck in your job search and in IT profession.

You can also see the Basic AWS and DevOps course details from the below blog/videos: